Don has joined the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] There we go.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes, Yes, a Thousand time, yes

[Velkyna (Joe)] DON!

[Don] Hey, did you send out an email?

[Master] Sure, you can have some GMWs from Akrady.

[Master] Don -- yeah. Imsanet sux.

[Don] 'Cuz I was waiting, and never got one.

[Angie] I decided on another Rogue level, rolling hit die d6

[Master] I'm really looking forward to that alumni shell server.

[Don] You should send it to my account.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Actually, I didn't get it .. I just used the old IP.

[Don] Anyway, is that everyone?

[Don] Yeah, that's what I did too

[Don] Convenient, that.

[Master] Yes -- Jared will be late, and so will SEBBY.

[Don] Oh, right.

[Master] (go Angie go)

[Velkyna (Joe)] SEBBY, always late.

[Angie] (d6) [1] 1

[Master] Heh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] NARRRR

[Velkyna (Joe)] MULLIGAN

[Angie] aah

[Master] hee

[Angie] damn

[Master] Sorry there.

Don is receiving the map...

Don has received the map.

[Master] Okay, has everyone had a chance to skim the logs to refresh their memories?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yes.


[Velkyna (Joe)] ROUND ONE

[Don] Er, yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] FIGHT

[Master] Hee.

[Joe] Velkyna targets Shield Guardian. Distance: 31'11"

[Joe] Velkyna targets Velkyna. Distance: 0'00"

[Joe] Velkyna no longer targets Velkyna.

[Shield Guardian] Don't even think about it, hon.

[Velkyna (Joe)] How did the targeting work again? Right click?

[Joe] Velkyna no longer targets Shield Guardian.

[Joe] Velkyna targets Shield Guardian. Distance: 31'11"

[Master] You return from your sojourn into a pocket dimension (cntrl-click) more than a little confused.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah, there.

[Joe] Velkyna no longer targets Shield Guardian.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] For the record, Mike, Mislead will always be Aedean's Level 6 Domain spell.

[Master] As you emerge from the Well of Worlds, various outsized animals in tow, you look out the opening of the aerie where you arrived.

[Master] (noted)

[Master] There is an extremely energetic storm taking place -- thunder, lightning, and rain pelting down; even standing several feet back from the opening,

[Master] gusts are occasionally pushing heavy drops onto you.

[Saminda] As you can see, the weather has worsened in your absence.

[Arkady] I wonder what the storm will bring this time...

[Saminda] You are right to do so.

[Saminda] All signs we have seen point to a storm of unusual strength and magnitude.

[Saminda] You may be forced to stay here for a little time.

[Saminda] At least a few weeks.

[Roger] Hooray!

Defthon (Don) sighs.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sweet merciful crap.

[Arkady] I take it no one has ever found the source for these storms, or been able to predict them accurately?

[Saminda] We can get a few days' warning sometimes, but no more than that.

[Saminda] As for their source . . . they are manifestations of the weakening of Seren's Folly.

[Saminda] Or, rather, their increased frequency is.

[Don] They need Tom Skilling.

[Saminda] The wyld storms are known throughout Serendair's history, but they have increased lately in frequency and ferocity.

Velkyna (Joe) gets some popcorn.

[Master] (hop in any time; I'm doing some transcripting from last session.

[Arkady] That makes me wonder just how bad the storms will get as we approach the end.

[Saminda] We have not yet learned the answers to your question.

[Saminda] The storm will no doubt attract creatures from the Blasted Lands and bring others, both good and ill.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (I think we're just sort of letting Arkady do his "talky guy" thing right now)

[Roger] Things could get pretty ugly if so.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shit, I'm gettin' rained on here.

[Ryan] I am away from the keyboard.

Dralafi looks stoic.

[Don] Out of curiosity, where does this fit in with the Talky Folks adventure?

[Arkady] The ending of great magics can be just as disruptive as their creation.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] You smell nice!

[Master] We're right at the beginning.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Thanks!

[Arkady] Do we know of any tales where people from Serendair have been transported away from here?

[Saminda] It would be wise to go out during the hours of lesser rain and patrol; there may be innocents trapped, or undesirables not yet established.

Saminda shakes her head.

[Saminda] I do not know . . . I had not thought to ask.

[Saminda] How would we know? An isolated group is transported away -- so far as we know, they were taken by slavers, yes?

[Arkady] True.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Slavers?

[Ryan] I am back at the keyboard.

[Saminda] Duergar or worse.

[Saminda] I see that you have animals who need attending.

[Saminda] We can stable them for your time here.

[Arkady] Thank you very much. We greatly appreciate your hospitality.

[Arkady] It is my pleasure.

[Saminda] It is my pleasure.

[Master] (sigh)

Saminda yawns.

[Saminda] Those of you who are more interested in study may spend as much time as you like in the Tower.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (I didn't know snakes yawned)

[Saminda] One of my assistants would like to spend some time with you, so he may serve as your guide.

[Saminda] I am sorry, but I am quite tired. Shall we retire?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Let's get some sleep, and then patrol when the opportunity presents itself

Saminda shows you to a suite with a large common room and various sleeping areas leading off from it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It feels like I haven't slept in a fucking week..

[Defthon (Don)] GAH

[Aedean (Sedlack)] More like three or four months....

[Ryan] I've never slept. =)

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, so we sleep. Then we wander out into the storms?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Woo! My char sheet disappeared when the map changed!

[Saminda] jas

[Tamora] mine, too

[Master] oh how I sigh.

[Don] Yeah, they do that.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And I was paying attention this time.

[Master] Did that fix it?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sebby just called. He's thinking he'll leave the con around 2pm but he'll call me when he does. FYI.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I don't know. I haven't regrabbed my sheet

[Don] Just redownload the char sheet, eh.

[Lia (Angie)] Do Defthon and Vel need any healing?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sure, but it would be nice if I didn't have to do it at every map change

[Defthon (Don)] I'm down 4.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Quit cryin', I'm down 13. ;)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Just fill yerselves up. Aedean had plenty of leftover spells

Joe has adjusted Velkyna's hit points...

[Master] Velkyna's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 94 (13) - Unharmed

Don has adjusted Defthon's hit points...

[Master] Defthon's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 67 (4) - Unharmed

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aw this leather couch is SWEET.

[Lia (Angie)] OOC: I assume there are sleeping rooms?

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: No, we get to sleep here on these benches. That's why I dibsed the couch.

[Velkyna (Joe)] HA ha!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Zzzz...

[Don] Ooh, remember to clear your temp mods!

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Aedean sleeps standing up, apparently)

[Lia (Angie)] Do we want to set watches or trust solely in the protections of the tower?

[Master] Yeah, clear the temp mods.

[Defthon (Don)] SknxxxXXxxx

[Master] And yeah, there are sleeping rooms leading off from the lounge.

[Master] I never figured Defthon for a snorer.

[Ryan] (3*$l/4) [3*] -1

[Lia (Angie)] OOC: My temp mods are down to just the sword effets

[Lia (Angie)] effects

[Don] Shouldn't your sword effects be part of your regular stats?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean will pack away the Full Plate +3 in favor of the Disguised Ghost Touch Full Plate +2

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Apparently we're all asleep so if Lia wants to watch, she can go right ahead...)

[Master] Just have the less sleepy types (such as Dralafi) divide up the watch. Easier in a low-threat situation.

[Lia (Angie)] I do the sword as temp mods so it is easier to remove for no magis fields, etc.

[Lia (Angie)] magic

[Master] Holy crap the sun just rose. Glare - a - riffic.

[Master] hang on, garbage collection.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I can do a watch. I don't need much sleep.

[Lia (Angie)] Aloha

[Ryan] ($l*3/4) -1

[Ryan] grrr.

[Don] We appreciate it, Mike. :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. AC is fixed

[Lia (Angie)] Thanks to Tamora also for your sacrifice of sleep

[Master] Heh.

[Master] (I'm finishing up the map. Talk amongst yourselves.)

Jeff has joined the game.

[Tamora] yawn.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, I'm asleep.

[Lia (Angie)] I'd really like a good nights sleep, so if others can handle the watch

[Lia (Angie)] I'm for bed

Jeff is receiving the map...

Jeff has received the map.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hmmm...I was kind of hoping I could trick the char sheet into giving me a third attack, with an attack bonus of -2.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It would make dealing with the inevitable Divine Powers a lot easier

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oh well.

Jeff has left the game.

[Master] Whoa, hey Jeff.

[Master] Chris -- why not?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I tell it I have three attacks, but it doesn't have a "#3" when I go to the dice menu

[Master] Did you set up the third attack in your Weapons?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] D'oh!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Thanks.

[Ryan] speaking of char sheet attack stuff, I was trying to make a formula for it, like \$L*3/4, but it doesn't seem to work.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Actually, the weapons were the section I forgot to change when I leveled anyway

[Master] Yeah, it doesn't like that.

[Defthon (Don)] Use decimals

[Don] Something like *.75 should work.

[Master] I'm not sure how thrilled it is about doing math in general for those sorts of stats.

[Master] It's not like they change *that* often.

[Master] Okay, you get a good night's rest. The next day, the storm is far too intense for you to go out.

[Ryan] Agreed, but Angie was just grousing about having to change them upon levelling, so I thought I'd experiemnt...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Attack #3: Mace of Disruption +1 (1): (d20-2+1+1) [5-2+1+1] 5

[Master] Thunder, lightning, golf-ball sized hail.

[Master] I mean, assuming you knew what golf balls where.

[Master] (were)

[Ryan] That's not too bad, as hailstones go. =)

[Master] The rain pelts down, and the hills which surround the Tower spawn flash floods that scour them.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (The dreaded golfballwere!)

[Master] A small group of shepherds and mendicants has sought refuge from the storm.

[Master] The Boccobites put them to work repairing storm damage and don't let them very far into the tower.

[Master] Saminda sends a guide to take care of you.

[Davis] Hi.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Hello

[Master] Davis is a dark-skinned half elf with a laid-back air.

[Defthon (Don)] Howdy

[Davis] Yeah, the storm's pretty bad.

[Lia (Angie)] Any idea how far it spreads?

[Davis] At least several miles in each direction.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (what, is he Jamaican?)

[Davis] It interferes with scrying and other kinds of divination.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] to Master: as a druid, what is my professional opinion of this weather?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Is that all? Wow, that's really concentrated.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Is that all? Wow, that's really concentrated.

[Tamora] (huh. I didn't type it twice)

[Lia (Angie)] maybe you hit enter twice

Davis shrugs

[Davis] Could be farther, I dunno.

[Davis] It's as far as we can see, at least.

[Lia (Angie)] So what shal we do with our time?

[Defthon (Don)] ...which isn't very far in this weather.

[Davis] That's kind of what I came here to ask you.

[Tamora] Personally, I was thinking of these massive storms as kind of like hurricanes, and those cover half a state at a time. Just for reference.

[Don] And that's half a *southern* state.

[Master] Spoken like someone who spent time in Rhode Island.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, but only a southEASTERN state

[Defthon (Don)] Well, Davis, our DM told us we would get to beat stuff up. Whatcha got? ;) (OOC!)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Hurricanes are huge, but they're not mesoscale convesctive systems, like to sort that usualy spawn lightning, hail, and (in so0me cases) tornados.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] /occ ? They were just talking about the tornados spun off the latest pair of hurricanes...

[Davis] Do you, I dunno, fix armor or anything?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] A familiar storm is much smaller, on the dozen or two miles scale.

[Defthon (Don)] Davis, all these people that have come here for protection from the weather: is anyone guarding their homes?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aedean and Arkady fix _amor_...

[Davis] Most of them don't really have homes.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yes, hurricans can spawn tornados, but most tornados are the result of other kinds of atmospheric processes.

Tamora has left the game.

[Defthon (Don)] Ah.

[Defthon (Don)] Essentially, I'm wondering if there's any nasties likely to come wandering around to bust stuff up, taking advantage of the storm.

[Davis] Oh, there are nasties around, but if they can handle this weather, you don't want to try to take them on anyway.

Ryan has left the game.

[Defthon (Don)] Because defending stuff is what we're most qualified for.

[Master] (good grief.)

Ryan has joined the game.

Davis looks uncomfortable again.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] frigging sockect exceptions.

[Davis] Sure, yeah.

Angie has joined the game.

[Don] Look, Mike, I'm not sure what you want from us here.

[Master] Sorry.

[Lia (Angie)] did everyone else just drop out too? or just Ryan and I?

[Don] I'm trying to steer this towards "hey, we fight stuff. how can we help?"

Ryan has left the game.

Davis shows you around the Tower a bit; there is an empty workshop where you can take a few moments to sharpen things,

[Davis] fix armor, et cetera.

[Master] Dangit.

[Master] People are dropping like flies here.

Ryan has joined the game.

[Master] Don, can you make sure your thingy is saved? I'll restart Klooge.

Ryan is receiving the map...

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, just a sec.

Ryan has received the map.

Angie has left the game.

Don has joined the game.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] hj

Ryan has joined the game.

[Don] Aloha

Angie has joined the game.

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

Angie is receiving the map...

Angie has received the map.

[Ryan] so, what exactly happened there?

Don is receiving the map...

Don has received the map.

Joe has joined the game.

[Master] My theory:

[Master] Klooge seems to get less stable when I add maps.

[Master] So I need to cure myself of my habit of adding new maps on the fly.

[Master] Arkady lends you an Ioun Stone with 2 GMW's on it.

[Don] "you"?

[Master] THe first day is spent kind of restlessly, repairing armor and overall fixing things.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sexcellent.

[Master] (the fighty group)

[Don] Ah.

[Master] The next day, the weather lets up. It is still absurdly bad outside, but it is possible to get around.

Velkyna (Joe) uses the stone to make 100 +3 crossbow bolts.

[Master] The floods are less "flash" and more "established."

Tamora has joined the game.

[Don] So what did we end up deciding to do? Wander around and fight things, or something more purposeful?

[Master] Swamps are starting to develop.

[Defthon (Don)] Yuck.

[Lia (Angie)] joy

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oooh! Oooh! Bullywugs!

[Ryan] I like swamps. =)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shambling Mounds!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Boooooodaks!

[Velkyna (Joe)] DAHHHHH

[Master] Weather effects:

[Velkyna (Joe)] Anyway, yeah, are we just going out on general patrol or have the Boccobites gotten word of specific targets?

[Don] You know, Joe is totally the guy that says "My *health insurance* is *so good* that..."

[Master] WInd is "severe" giving a -4 to all ranged attacks.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (hee hee)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (I'm SUCH a combat badass ...)

[Ryan] including ranged touch attacks?

[Don] Presumably.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Wind doesn't blow rays around...

[Master] -8 to all Search, Spot, and Listen checks.

[Lia (Angie)] damn

[Velkyna (Joe)] Good thing I never pumped up Spot like Kimmitt told me to!

[Don] Heh

[Master] Ooh, error - ranged effects are "impossible."

[Velkyna (Joe)] Like spells?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or just attacks?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] effects or attacks?

[Ryan] all ranged effects? I concur with Sedlack: wind doesn't blow spells of course

[Ryan] ^of^off

[Tamora] Hope not, or I won't be very useful.

[Ryan] visibility, perhaps, but...

[Master] Ranged attacks.

[Master] Spells wouldn't be blown off course.

[Master] Visibility is reduced to 1/4, for what that's worth.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shit. 'Cause I can hang with a -4 ranged penalty.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And so can Dral.

[Master] Think "thunderstorm;" between the wind and the rain, there's just no way.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Come on! What about Two Towers man!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So, it's "windstorm", rather than "severe"

[Don] It makes sense, though. An arrow in severe and changing wind? Come on.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Legolas, man!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] My badd. Looking at the wrong section

[Velkyna (Joe)] *sigh* Okay, I guess it's stabby time.

[Lia (Angie)] that was't a serious storm

[Velkyna (Joe)] *snikt*

[Master] Heh.

[Master] Yeah, I was too, Chris.

[Master] Okay, you cover yourselves with waterproof cloaks and get ready to head out.

Joe is receiving the map...

Joe has received the map.

[Master] Note that without Arkady, your communication will be more limited.

[Lia (Angie)] bummer

Defthon (Don) grumbles about so-called "waterproof" cloaks

[Master] You should probably split into a couple of groups with a leader that kiind of sets the tone in each.

Velkyna (Joe) raises her hand. "Ooooh oooh!"

[Don] There's seven of us, right?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 8

[Ryan] Is Garfield coming on this little excursion? He'd make a nice bridge, perhaps. =)

[Don] Oh right, forgot myself.

[Velkyna (Joe)] AH! Garfield sat on Lia!

[Defthon (Don)] I'm not sure who the most obvious leaders are, other than me.

[Master] Heh, yeah, you can convince Garfield to come along. He's not thriled about it, tho.

[Master] Maybe Ss'sra in one and Def in the other?

[Ryan] I definitely have the best chance of finding my way in this.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOOOOH! OOOOOOH!

[Master] hee

[Defthon (Don)] Ss'sra might be good, yeah.

[Don] Heh

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aw, nuts.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] CURSE OF THE 8 CHA

[Velkyna (Joe)] BLAST!

[Defthon (Don)] Who is most out of sorts by the weather?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dralafi, pretty much.

[Ryan] Joe, what are you talking about?

[Defthon (Don)] Dral, without your arrows, what can you do?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (I was just screwing around, with the "PICK ME PICK ME!"

[Velkyna (Joe)] )

[Defthon (Don)] Is everyone else here a melee fighter? It seems like there's usually more ranged attack folks.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Without arrows or a player...Dralafi struggles to survive...

[Master] lol

[Dralafi (Joe)] I can sit around and look Gooooooood.

[Dralafi (Joe)] Awwwww yeah.

[Dralafi (Joe)] Workin' it here.

[Dralafi (Joe)] You know you want it.

[Dralafi (Joe)] BOM CHICKA BOM COM

[Master] Lia, Def, and Vel both swing both ways . . . er, that is, they have ranged components to their abilities.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Don't look at me, I hardly even have a reason to lug this crossbow around with me anymore.

[Ryan] trying to seduce yourself, Joe?

[Defthon (Don)] Lia and I are both strongest with our swords, though.

[Dralafi (Joe)] I'm tryin' but no one's buyin'.

[Defthon (Don)] Vel has the crossbow but she's slick with her dagger too.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Got that right.

[Master] Shortsword for Vel.

[Defthon (Don)] I don't think Dral even *has* another weapon.

[Master] Joanne's the dagger gurl.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm actually much better with the sword than the crossbow.

[Defthon (Don)] Shortsword, dagger, whatever.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sneak attacks, baby.

[Master] lol

[Master] Don's rihgt.

[Velkyna (Joe)] As long as it's got meat.

[Defthon (Don)] Right, so Dral's the only real issue here.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I've got a spare short sword, dagger, and heavy mace. What's his pleasure?


[Defthon (Don)] How do I put this delicately: is Dral going to be any help in this weather?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I could lend him my dagger+1 ...

[Velkyna (Joe)] The short sword's masterwork.


[Aedean (Sedlack)] Fodder is always useful

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Hey Dral, go check out aroun dthat corner."

[Master] Give him a dagger +1 and keep him in reserve.

[Master] He's still a high-level fighter type.

[Defthon (Don)] True nuff.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or we could GMW an item since we won't be using them on missiles.


[Defthon (Don)] Do we have something bigger than a dagger for him?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Welcome to my world, when I was running Dral a few sessions ago.

[Don] Someone should enter it into Dral's sheet.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] He could insert the arrows by hand, perhaps?

[Velkyna (Joe)] NO ONE LISTENS TO ME.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (heh)

[Don] hee

Velkyna (Joe) clears her throat. "I said I had a short sword and a heavy mace."

[Master] Like Legolas on the Oliphant.

[Defthon (Don)] Is the shortsword magical, though?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] We could GMW an extra mace or something, yeah

[Master] LOL at Don and Vel.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No, but LIKE I SAID we could GMW it.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Two GMWs. One for the shortsword loaned to Dral, one for my scimitar. OK?

[Master] okey-dokey

[Lia (Angie)] sound good

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 'Cause you can't GMW an alreayd magical weapon

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] My weapons are nonmagical -- only mar armor is enchanted.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Very good

[Master] Okay, split yourselves into two groups on the map, please.

[Defthon (Don)] Is it a light mace or a heavy? I'm thinking the shortsword is better than the mace.

[Master] I'll ask the leader of each group what they're doing, and then each person in the group gets to follow up.

Velkyna (Joe) throws up her hands.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Ss'sra and Def were the leaders, right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sweet merciful fuck on toast, it's HEAVY.

[Master] Ayup.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Much as it rankles Aedean to have to hang out with the dink, it makes sense to split the healers

[Master] Heh.

[Lia (Angie)] I'll go with Ss'sra

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I am not a healer. I didn't actually memorize any cure spells at all (druid isn't so good for that).

Velkyna (Joe) volunteers for "whatever"

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] But I could certainly carry one or more of the party CLW wands.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If I'm running Turc for Sebby, maybe we should put Vel and Aric in the same bunch to make it easy.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Or split them to MAX MY GAMING.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] So, why exactly are we splitting into two groups at all?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (DM fiat)

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, Vel, they're you're weapons, which do you think would be better for Dral?

[Master] SO one person isn't making all the decisions.

[Master] It's good tactics.

[Don] FYI the sword is 1d6/19-20x2 and the mace is 1d8/20x2. So it's a tradeoff.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Also, because of communications limitations

[Dralafi (Joe)] I'll take the mace. Hulk smash.

[Don] Plus the GMW bonus, but that's the same for both.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Whatever happened to the mantra, "Don't split the party?" We can't communicate or even readily find each other, so we can't join forces again if something bad happens.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Golden. Here. /hands him the heavy mace/

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, mace it is.

[Master] You can see each other if you're reasonably close.

[Master] I'm not trying to bone you, really.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Right. I assumed we were keeping the two groups close, and splitting up is just a command and control issue

[Don] I think the idea is, we'll be out of communication range anyway once we spread out to fight a thing;

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think it's more for subgroups within the main group. We're still moving as a party, but now we've got divisions.

[Defthon (Don)] so it's good to have the setup in place.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, I'm putting the mace on Dral's Weapons list.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Define reasonably close, please? It's not that I don't trust you, it's that I personally really dislike splitting up. It actually makes the C3I that much more complicated.

[Master] 50' or less.

[Master] And Joe's got it. THink of it as squads within a platoon. :)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] OK, that's less than one round's full move. That's not really two groups at all. fine.

[Master] Ok split yourselves up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Split the bearers, Lia and Defthon. Split the healers, Aedean and Ss'sra. Split the other two fighters, Aric and Dral. Then Vel and Shottamip.

[Don] How much does GMW add?

[Velkyna (Joe)] +3

[Master] +3 in this case.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Objections?

[Master] Works for me.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm good with the two hotties and Turc.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I wasn't really asking you...

[Master] Heh

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (where you = Mike)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Before splitting, I will cast Greater Magic Fang on Aric and Garfield. at my level, that's +2 for 8 hours.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Thank you, noble serpent man.

[Master] Good with me.

[Master] ok

Turcanaur (Joe) bows.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Greater Magic Fang: living creature's natural weapons gain +((8/3):5) [(8/3)] -1 enhancement bonus and are blessed for 8 hours. (DC=(10+10+6+3) [10+10+6+3] 29) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [98] 98 -- spell cast

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'll chuck an Endurance on Dral

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Greater Magic Fang: living creature's natural weapons gain +((8/3):5) [(8/3)] -1 enhancement bonus and are blessed for 8 hours. (DC=(10+10+6+3) [10+10+6+3] 29) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [8] 8 -- spell cast

[Master] Damn that Spell Failure Check is lam0r.

[Master] ok

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d4+1) [2+1] 3

[Master] Ok

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] The bonus calculation also looks broken.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I changed Turc's temp mods.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] +3 Con for Dral for 11 hours

[Velkyna (Joe)] Who's running Dral?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] And that's lizard, not serpent.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Dragon Scales: provides the target with a +4 armor bonus to AC for the next 12 hours (DC=(10+7+1) [10+7+1] 18) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [73] 73 -- spell cast

[Master] Give Dral +1Con bonus and 10 temporary HP.

[Defthon (Don)] Dralafi: Attack #1: GMW Heavy mace (Both): (d20+10+2+3) [18+10+2+3] 33

[Defthon (Don)] Dralafi: Attack #2: GMW Heavy mace (Both): (d20+5+2+3) [10+5+2+3] 20

[Master] Hey, Chris, could you run Dral for now?

[Defthon (Don)] (testing, sorry)

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Humblest apologies, noble creature with blood of ice.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, okay.

[Don] Ok, I think he's set up. Use the GMW line unless something goes wrong. ;)

[Master] Okay, you make your way out into the storm.

[Master] Things are pretty bad; rain, wind, the whole nine yards. At least it's not *too* cold.

[Master] Ss'sra leads you on a patrol of the nearby area. A bedraggled and grouchy looking Garfield helps.

[Master] Gimme a WIlderness Lore, Ss'sra.

[Don] And someone teach Jared how to use KW's Equipment section better ;)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aw, give him a lasagna to cheer him up...

Ss'sra (Ryan) smiles

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore check:(d20+18) [8+18] 26

[Master] The rain has pounded the tracks into oblivion, but a creature of at least some size has probably taken up residence in the swamps which have grown up around one of the temporary rivers.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] "at least some size"?

[Don] "not small"

[Velkyna (Joe)] I wanted a moisturizing face wrap to help my complexion, but this rain is ridiculous.

[Master] Don's got it.

[Master] 7

[Master] Spot checks.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot check:(d20+12+0) [16+12+0] 28

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ooops, -8.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot check:(d20+6+8) [6+6+8] 20

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Spot check:(d20+2+3+1) [15+2+3+1] 21

[Master] DC is 29.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Spot check:(d20+12) [16+12] 28

[Aedean (Sedlack)] -8, of course

[Velkyna (Joe)] Turcanaur: Spot check:(d20+6) [13+6] 19

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Spot check:(d20+16) [2+16] 18

[Velkyna (Joe)] DC IS TWENTY NINE?

[Master] 29 includes the -8. :)

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spot check:(d20+9) [18+9] 27

[Defthon (Don)] Ooh, we could be using the "Append to next roll" feature here, I think.

[Defthon (Don)] Oh.


[Master] I was seriously smoking crack when I said that.

[Don] ...but the funny never dies.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ...if you have Eyes of the Eagle and a +6 Wis bonus

[Master] ???: Spot check:19

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm going to gain a level, and then put all 11 skill points into Spot goddammit.

[Master] 20

[Master] Okay, Wilderness Lore again.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Just Ss'sra?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore check:(d20+18) [4+18] 22

[Don] Just Ss'sra?

[Master] Yeah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] This'll be like ships passing in the night.

[Master] ok more Spot checks, this time DC 27

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Do we need to get in formation?)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I have a +18. Probably only mine matters.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot check:(d20+6+8) [11+6+8] 25

[Master] Yeah, do that. You're heading nw up the riverbed.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot check:(d20+12+0) [4+12+0] 16

[Defthon (Don)] Should we factor the -8 or not then?

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Spot check:(d20+16) [14+16] 30

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Spot check:(d20+12) [4+12] 16

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Spot check:(d20+2+3+1) [3+2+3+1] 9

[Master] Don't factor the +8.

[Master] -8, rather.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I didn't.

[Master] Lia, you spot . . . well, you're really not sure what you spot.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spot check:(d20+9) [13+9] 22

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aedean: Hide check:(d20-1-5) [17-1-5] 11

[Master] Its blody looks like that of a bloated buffalo, and its legs are stumpy, like those of a pygmy elephant or hippopotamus.

[Master] It has a long weak neck with a large head and a muscular tail with a chitinous knob on the back.

[Velkyna (Joe)] CATOBLEPAS

[Master] The face looks like that of a warthog, but uglier.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes, Joe, Aedean's Hide check sucks

[Master] As far as you can tell, it's a greenish brown color.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Actually, I missed, I was trying to roll Aric's spot. Sorry.

[Master] (Holy crap, how the hell did Joe know that?)

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Because I fucking rule.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Umm, 'cause even I knew it, and he's Joe

[Don] Because Joe is the guy that goes, "My *health insurance* ..."

[Master] I'd never heard of the Catoblepas until I got the extra Monster Manual. Wild.

[Lia (Angie)] Do I see all four?

[Velkyna (Joe)] They were in the original MM, which I got in 1979. ;)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'd run into one in another campaign

[Master] Wild.

[Tamora] it's in Angband/Moria

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And the old MM picture is distinctive

[Master] Lia - yes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll ask again. Can we get into formation? We would've done so.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Aedean -- indeed. "Face liek a warthog, but uglier" alone would have done it. =)

Lia (Angie) passes info to rest of party

[Master] Joe - I said yes. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Chris, you want to do the honors?

[Don] I think Joe was addressing us. :)

Ryan has joined the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Don's got it.

Ryan has left the game.

[Ryan] I'm getting too familiar with that error mesage.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Lesse... We're missing Roger and Arkady

Ryan is receiving the map...

[Defthon (Don)] What is our formation? I assume we would've hashed this out already.

Ryan has received the map.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oops. My formation doesn't have Ss'sra, either

[Master] Of course.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Yeah we hased it out over email after those athaches tore us new assholes.

[Defthon (Don)] With the whole melee thing, pretty much everyone needs to be in front.

[Defthon (Don)] Oh, I was talking about within our subgroups.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Except Shottamip

[Master] Except, you know, Shottamip.

[Master] And you should probably keep Dral in reserve.

[Defthon (Don)] Right, except Shot.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I appreciate that.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And I don't know if Aedean needs to be risking himself yet.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean can hang back a little more than usual, since he's more artillery-like in the situation

[Defthon (Don)] Are we abandoning the subgroups then?

[Ryan] YES

[Master] Lia taps Ss'sra on the shoulder and points out the lounging catoblepas.

[Master] Ss'sra waves to signal Defthon. Def, spot check.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Spot check:(d20+2+3+1) [8+2+3+1] 14

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] What was the DC? ;)

[Master] Ok.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Umm...can the rest of us try to spot the signal?

[Master] Yes!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot check:(d20+12+0) [2+12+0] 14

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot check:(d20+6+8) [18+6+8] 32

[Master] Aedean spots the signal.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And how.

[Master] And taps Def on the shoulder.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok. They're only like 20 feet away.

[Master] Def follows Ss'sra's pointing, and NOW IT'S TIME FOR THE COMBAT.

[Master] Initiative.

[Master] Catoblepas: Initiative:15

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Initiative:(d20+3) [11+3] 14

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Initiative:(d20-1) [11-1] 10

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative:(d20+7) [11+7] 18

[Ryan] Ss'sra: Initiative:(d20+0) [8+0] 8

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative:(d20+2) [6+2] 8

[Velkyna (Joe)] Turcanaur: Initiative:(d20+4) [3+4] 7

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Initiative:(d20+6) [3+6] 9

[Master] Chris, could you get Dral?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Cleric before monk. Funny

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Initiative:(d20+6) [13+6] 19

[Master] INIT: 19 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 19; Dralafi: it's your turn

[Master] WTF?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That's the highest initiative "I" have had all campaign!

[Master] It only accepted like half of your initatives.

[Master] ROUND: 1 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 19 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 19; Dralafi: it's your turn

[Master] ROUND: 0 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 19 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 19; Dralafi: it's your turn

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes, Master...

[Ryan] Garfiled: (d20+2) [6+2] 8

[Ryan] Well, that worked out nicely. =)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What are the catoblepaseses doing?

Angie has left the game.

[Don] I'm guessing Mike is entering initiatives by hand now.

[Master] Garfield: Initiative:6

Angie has joined the game.

[Ryan] Mike: did you notice me just roll for him?

[Master] yeah, sorry

[Velkyna (Joe)] "What the hell are those things?"

[Master] Dral's turn.

[Ryan] Aberrations. Unnatural. We must destoy them!

Angie has left the game.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] What are the catoblepases doing?>

[Master] Wandering through the swamp.

[Master] In a general sense.

[Master] Right now, they're kind of hunkered down.

James has joined the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] JAMES!

[Velkyna (Joe)] JIMMAY!

[Don] Arkady to the rescuuuuuuue!

[James] Yo.

[Master] Chris - to sum up - nothing.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dral doesn't strike me as the "charge into combat" sort, so he'll probably hold off for now...

[James] I've got a lot of work to do today, but since I have two screens now, I figured I could leave up klooge in one of them.

[Don] Interestingly, that map reload unzoomed my map but didn't lose the char sheets.

Angie has joined the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (oops)

Angie is receiving the map...

Angie has received the map.

[Master] ok

[Master] INIT: 18 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 18; Velkyna: it's your turn

[Velkyna (Joe)] GODDAMMIT

[Don] You skipped Dralafi now

[Don] But at least all the inits are entered. ;)

[Master] Dude, are you even reading the text anymore? :)

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] No. Dral held off

[Don] Oops, missed that line.

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Vel's going to hold off as well. Exceot for Ss'sra's knee-jerk reaction, no one's told her to fight yet.

[Master] INIT: 15 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 15; Catoblepas: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 14 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 14; Shottamip: it's your turn

[Master] jas

[Velkyna (Joe)] (maybe that should've been a "jam")


[Velkyna (Joe)] WEE CERTAINLY DO

[Master] Tamora's computer is weirdly frozen.

[Master] Give us a sec.

[Don] Ok brb

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] OK I'm up

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Lessee, do we all see the creatures? I'm generally aware of what's going on?

[Master] Yes.

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Guess I can start things off with some fire, then, as usual.

[Velkyna (Joe)] If Shottamip is ripping off fireball's, that's good enough for Vel as a "let's hit 'em" signal. She'll advance and attack.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Fireball, empowered: creates a 40-foot fireball at the desired location for ((10d6)*3/2) [((3+4+3+4+2+3+1+3+1+6))*3/2] 45 damage to each creature in the area (Reflex save for half damage) (DC=(10+7+3) [10+7+3] 20) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [94] 94 -- spell cast

[Master] Catoblepas: Reflex save: 13

[Master] Catoblepas: Reflex save: 8

[Master] Catoblepas: Reflex save: 15

[Master] Catoblepas: Reflex save: 22

[Master] Hang on.

[Master] As usual, Shottamip blows the crap out of your enemies. :)

[Master] INIT: 10 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 10; Aedean: it's your turn

[Master] hang on

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'll also move away 5 feet.

[Master] Sorry, Vel at 14.

[Velkyna (Joe)] As stated, Vel will act on 14.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (thanks0

[Master] Would you like me to move Shottamip for you, love?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I give up, I can't get to me. :)

[Joe] Velkyna targets Catoblepas. Distance: 3'06"

[Master] There ya go. :)

[Joe] Velkyna no longer targets Catoblepas.

[Joe] Velkyna targets Catoblepas. Distance: 3'06"

[Master] Velkyna no longer targets Catoblepas. Distance: 3'06"

[Master] Velkyna targets Catoblepas. Distance: 3'06"

[Master] my bad

[Master] go ahead

[Velkyna (Joe)] I GOT IT MAN

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack #1: Short Sword +3 (right): (d20+19) [7+19] 26

[Velkyna (Joe)] PROBABLY HITS Catoblepas

[Master] damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Damage: Short Sword +3 (right): (1d6+3+0) [1+3+0] 4

[Velkyna (Joe)] Dink.

[Master] It goes down!

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOYAH

[Don] Hah

[Master] Aedean.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Good dink.

[Velkyna (Joe)] A little dab'll do ya.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Well, they seem pretty damaged...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Attack #1: Mace of Disruption +1 (1): (d20+8+1+1) [9+8+1+1] 19

[Velkyna (Joe)] Watch Aedean engage the one that made its save.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oops. Forgot to target

[Master] heh

[Master] Tht's a hit

[Aedean (Sedlack)] But it's the one close to me

[Sedlack] Aedean targets Catoblepas. Distance: 7'11"

[Sedlack] Aedean targets Aedean. Distance: 0'00"

[Master] ok roll damage

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Damage: Mace of Disruption +1 (1): (1d8+1+1) [5+1+1] 7

[Master] This one is less crispy than the others; it takes Aedean's hit and keeps on tickin'.

[Master] INIT: 9 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 9; Lia: it's your turn

[Master] Lia.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Good call, Joe.

[Velkyna (Joe)] THE HAMMER.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, they may also have different hits and this one just has eight or ten left.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Instead of two.

[Lia (Angie)] Standard move, one attack oNleft most bbaddie

[Master] ok

[Angie] Lia targets Catoblepas. Distance: 7'03"

[Angie] Lia no longer targets Catoblepas.

[Angie] Lia targets Catoblepas. Distance: 7'03"

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Angie ... right click on the target to "stop" targeting)

[Angie] Lia no longer targets Catoblepas.

[Master] Lia targets Catoblepas. Distance: 7'03"

[Angie] Lia no longer targets Catoblepas.

[Master] There ya go. Hee.

[Master] Ok you do it.

[Master] ;)


[Master] I'm helping! I'm helping!

[Angie] Lia targets Catoblepas. Distance: 7'03"

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack #1: Claidemn Soluis (two): (d20+19) [10+19] 29

[Lia (Angie)] PROBABLY HITS Catoblepas

[Master] damage

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage: Claidemn Soluis (two): (2d6+11) [(2+3)+11] 16

[Velkyna (Joe)] CLEAVE

[Master] CLEAVE

[Aedean (Sedlack)] CLEAVE

[Angie] Lia targets Catoblepas. Distance: 9'05"

[Master] (there)

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack #1: Claidemn Soluis (two): (d20+19) [4+19] 23

[Lia (Angie)] PROBABLY HITS Catoblepas

[Master] damage

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage: Claidemn Soluis (two): (2d6+11) [(3+2)+11] 16

[Master] INIT: 8 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 8; Defthon: it's your turn

[Velkyna (Joe)] CLEA .... awww.

[Master] Not quite dead yeat.

[Master] yeast

[Master] yet

[Master] heh

[Aedean (Sedlack)] DON'T CLEAVE THE CLERIC

[Velkyna (Joe)] (I'm helping!)

[Defthon (Don)] Could I get past the dead Cat in front of Vel to hit the one in back? I have just enough movement.

[Master] You'd provoke an AoO.

[Master] From t'other one.

[Master] It has a long tail.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No, they haven't acted yet.

[Defthon (Don)] Hm, point.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You can't AoO until you've gone.

[Master] Nemmind, JOe's right.

[Ryan] just take out the one in front.

[Ryan] aric and garfield will do for the one in back.

[Don] Defthon targets Catoblepas. Distance: 8'01"

[Master] (The rain washes the Catoblepas blood into the marshy ground.

[Master] )

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack #1: Tsohanoai vs eeeevil (both): (d20+10++3+5) [19+10+3+5] 37 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT (x2)] Rolling again...

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack #1: Tsohanoai vs eeeevil (both): (d20+10++3+5) [14+10+3+5] 32

[Defthon (Don)] PROBABLY HITS Catoblepas [CRITICAL HIT (x2)]


[Master] damage

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Are they evil?

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Damage: Tsohanoai vs eeeevil (both): (1d10+5++3*1.5) [7+5+3*1.5] 16

[Ryan] weird plants will grow here,,, or not. sigh

[Velkyna (Joe)] I believe so. CE.


[Master] INIT: 8 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 8; Garfield: it's your turn

[Defthon (Don)] Double that, or damage again?

[Master] Gaaaaaarfiiiiiiiiield!

[Defthon (Don)] Ah, nevermind. ;)

[Master] heh

[Master] Garfield literally leaps over Lia in its eagerness to attack.

[Velkyna (Joe)] AHHH! Garfield ran over Lia!

[Defthon (Don)] Good grief.

[Ryan] can I make him target, or do we just take it as assumed?

[Master] Wrong comic, Don. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's going to sit on the cat.

[Master] Garfield targets Catoblepas. Distance: 0'05"

[Master] all sest

[Master] set

[Don] You know, I had the same thought. :P

[Ryan] Ss'sra: Attack #1: Garfield's Bite (GMF) (Mouth): (d20+15) [3+15] 18

[Master] That's a miss.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So they have AC 19.

[Catoblepas] Squeeeeeel!

[Ryan] Ss'sra: Attack #1: Garfield's Claw (GMF) (Each Fore): (d20+20) [20+20] 40 [POSSIBLE CRITICAL HIT (x2)] Rolling again...

[Ryan] Ss'sra: Attack #1: Garfield's Claw (GMF) (Each Fore): (d20+20) [1+20] 21

[Master] Not a crit hit

[Master] single damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] ?

[Ryan] Ss'sra: Damage: Garfield's Claw (GMF) (Each Fore): (2d4+10) [(3+3)+10] 16

[Master] Check the d20 die roll on the second roll.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] M'badd.

[Master] Garfield claws the Catoblepas's head off. Which seems rude.

[Ryan] And three attacks still to go. Ah well. =)

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd cut off one of their heads for a trophy on the Boccobite's wall but they're too fucking ugly. Yowza.

[Ryan] If it weren't so damp, I'd suggest we burn the bodies.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] That was fun.

[Master] You take a moment to reform your formation.

[Master] The rain lets up suddenly, and there is a break in the wind.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I take it if they were wandering they really had no nest (or treasure).

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Sorry, that was me.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Well, we can give it another look around.

[Defthon (Don)] Ok, who broke wind

[Master] It's almost pleasant, but it's eerily calm.

[Defthon (Don)] /ooc

[Don] heee

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Almost...too calm

[Master] Wilderness Lore

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore check:(d20+18) [5+18] 23

[Lia (Angie)] Aedean, next time try to go a littl to one side. I could have done a flank sneak attack for additional damage

[Master] Thanks.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Noted. I'm used to that just being an issue with Vel.

[Master] Some kind of quadrupedal creature crests the top of the hill to the northeast.

[Lia (Angie)] Mine is not as imppressive, but it still helps

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] how far away?

[Master] Wilderness Lore for everyone!

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Velkyna: WIS check:(d20+0) [19+0] 19

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Wilderness lore check:(d20+2+4) [11+2+4] 17

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Wilderness Lore check:(d20+6) [1+6] 7

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore check:(d20+18) [13+18] 31

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Plus one from the Luckstone. I got a 20!

[Master] Actually, it's northwest, sorry.

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: WIS check:(d20+0) [1+0] 1

[Master] Ss'sra -- it's a Ravager!

[Lia (Angie)] Duh

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] ???

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Lia notices she's standing in poison ivy.

[Master] SOmething like a centaur, but instead of a head, it has a face in its torso.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Buh?

[Master] Its legs are more like elephant legs. Its brown skin is well armored.

[Master] (check out the icon)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Congrats, Mike. I've never heard of that thing.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Icky-bad, I assume? Do they travel usually in packs, or alone? And how smart is it likely to be?

[Don] (uncover the icon)

[Master] Alone, only animal-bright.

[Master] (Don - thanks)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ah, good.

[Master] They are basically killing machines that go on rampages.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] So we take it out than. yay!

[Master] Their claws on their hands drip acid that eats away at metal.

[Don] Ravager or Rampager?

[Master] And their bite is deadly poisonous.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hence, "rampager"

[Master] (Ravager, sorry.)

[Master] Finally, they have a kind of fear aura.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh, and they fart fire.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Keeeen.

[Velkyna (Joe)] And I forgot, they also have acid claws.

[Master] That's what you know, and since the weather has cleared up, you can communicate this.

[Velkyna (Joe)] One more thing, they cast spells as a 10th level wizard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Derp, they also regenerate.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... and are undead.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Since the weather has cleared up, can Dral pincushion it before it gets too much closer, please?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yay!

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... vampirically so.

[Master] The weather is now "windy," -2 to all ranged attacks.

[Master] Ss'sra, something is bothering you about this clearer weather.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Is the creature casuing it itself, or something else?

[Master] Almost certainly not.

Ryan has joined the game.


[Velkyna (Joe)] We should probably engage it with ranged attacks first, unless it's got damage resistance.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] restarting, yet a-fucking-gain

Ryan has left the game.

Ryan has left the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] "It was so bad, I walked out ... twice."

Ryan has joined the game.

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] I'm all over that plan

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Would we know if it had DR or not?

[Master] Ss'sra nailed his Wilderness Lore check -- it doesn't.

[Velkyna (Joe)] SWEET.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOMBS AWAY.


[Velkyna (Joe)] We should set up in case of a charge. We shouldn't be clumped up like this.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Same initiatives?

[Rampager] New inits

[Rampager] Rampager: Initiative:3

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Initiative:(d20+3) [16+3] 19

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative:(d20+7) [16+7] 23

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative:(d20+2) [9+2] 11

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Initiative:(d20+0) [10+0] 10

[Velkyna (Joe)] Turcanaur: Initiative:(d20+4) [18+4] 22

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Initiative:(d20+6) [14+6] 20

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Aedean: Initiative:(d20-1) [19-1] 18

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Garfield's Initiative: (d20+2) [17+2] 19

[Velkyna (Joe)] Everyone should have me roll their inits.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Initiative:(d20+6) [15+6] 21

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... or not.

[Master] INIT: 23 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23; Velkyna: it's your turn

[Master] Weird. It worked this time.

[Rampager] Okay, go get 'em.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Crossbow time.

[Master] SIGH

[Master] You ready your crossbow.

[Joe] Velkyna targets Rampager. Distance: 109'09"

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's one range increment for me.

[Master] How much does it take to ready your crossbow, out of curiousity?

[Velkyna (Joe)] So total of -4 to hit.

[Velkyna (Joe)] MEA.

[Master] thanx

[Velkyna (Joe)] So I only get one attack.

[Master] ok

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack #1: Light Crossbow +1 (both): (d20+17) [11+17] 28

[Velkyna (Joe)] PROBABLY HITS Rampager

[Velkyna (Joe)] -4

[Master] That's a miss.

[Velkyna (Joe)] NARRRR

[Master] INIT: 22 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 22; Turcanaur: it's your turn

[Master] Turcanaur.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Wait here a bit...

[Master] Hey, the Rampager's claws eat metal; Turc's not a terrible choice for front-line...

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yeah, but we've got area effect spells going in first

[Turcanaur (Joe)] HULK CHARGE AND SMASH!

[Master] Hee. It *is* Rampager.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Kidding.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I can do targeted stuff. Area effect is more important for groups.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Turc will ready his own Xbow (MEA) and take a pot shot.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] -4 to hit.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Still, let it come to us. more rounds of shooting!

[Joe] Turcanaur targets Rampager. Distance: 101'02"

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Yes. Shooting is good.

[Master] ok

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Turcanaur: Attack #1: Light Crossbow (): (d20+12) [8+12] 20

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Probably MISSES Rampager

[Master] Miss.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Derp.

[Master] INIT: 21 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 21; Dralafi: it's your turn

[Master] Chris.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dral will gleefully drop this silly mace thing and draw his bow

[Sedlack] Dralafi targets Rampager. Distance: 110'09"

[Turcanaur (Joe)] He better not lose that. That's like 12 gold.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dralafi will take a step forward, to drop that to within a range increment

[Master] If you make a 5' move, you're within 1 range increment.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] (Take a five-foot move, isn't the range inc. on his bow 110'?)

[Master] heh, way ahead of me.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Hee hee.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Attack #1: +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (Base) (Both): (d20+21) [8+21] 29

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] PROBABLY HITS Rampager

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] -2

[Master] hit

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (Base) (Both): (1d8+5) [2+5] 7

[Master] damage. Remember, no GMW arrows, so it's only +1 . . . right.

[Master] Hm, Jared didn't include his STR bonusin that.

[Master] OH wait he did.

[Master] nemmind

[Don] That's why I said someone needs to teach him how to use KW properly. ;)

[Master] Heh, I was the one confused, don't worry.

[Master] Were you using Dral's multishot feat?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Hey, Mike -- given my WL 37, what's this thing's movement rate? =)

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Pardon?

[Master] Guess not. :)

[Master] Ss'sra - horse fast.

[Master] INIT: 20 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 20; Lia: it's your turn

[Master] Lia.

[Lia (Angie)] Ready for appraoch

[Master] ok

[Master] INIT: 19 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 19; Shottamip: it's your turn

[Master] Gnomess.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Fireball: creates a 40-foot fireball at the desired location for (10d6) [(2+4+5+2+2+5+4+6+1+1)] 32 damage to each creature in the area (Reflex save for half damage) (DC=(10+7+3) [10+7+3] 20) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [58] 58 -- spell cast

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think that's the worst fireball I've ever seen Tami roll.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] This one isn't empowered, that might be part of it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I dunno, though, that's a lot of ones and twos.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] and it's less thasn 10% below average.

[Master] Rampager: Reflex save: 23

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] mean of 10 d 6 is 35.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tami does get pretty good rolls, which was the main jab.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Below average is way below Tami average.

[Master] The Rampager ducks and avoids the brunt of the blaze.

[Master] INIT: 18 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 18; Aedean: it's your turn

[Master] Cleric lad.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Yeah, I hacked Klooge for my benefit :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] PSSST. IT'S NOT WORKING. ;)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Let's see...

[Shottamip (Tamora)] New release.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'll play Arkady and cast a Bless

[Aedean (Sedlack)] +1 attack; +1 on saves vs. fear effects

Angie has left the game.

[Master] Good thinking. Everyone give yourselves +1 to hit and remember your +save against Fear.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Those are morale bonuses, BTW)

[Master] INIT: 11 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 11; Defthon: it's your turn

Angie has joined the game.

[Master] Ok handsome.

Angie has left the game.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Chris, you might want to keep an eye on your spell list - in this latest release, sorcerer spells aren't decrementing properly, dunno about yours.

[Master] Quick, Ryan, do CPR on Angie's machine!

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm sensing a pattern here. It's Ryan and Angie who are having trouble.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] We're tyring!

[Defthon (Don)] Not worth pulling out my bow. I'll ready for their approach.

[Master] Yeah, I'd consider reinstalling the Java runtime at the break.

[Defthon (Don)] Its approach, that is.


[Aedean (Sedlack)] I don't futz around with the spell decrementing in Klooge. I just use paper anyway

[Master] INIT: 10 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 10; Ss'sra: it's your turn

[Defthon (Don)] That's what I'm readying, yes. ;)

[Master] Ok lizardguy.

Angie has joined the game.

[Master] Ss'sra seems distracted; he's sniffing the air.

[Angie] damn that's annoying

[Master] Wilderness Lore.

Angie is receiving the map...

Angie has received the map.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore check:(d20+18) [17+18] 35

[Velkyna (Joe)] Better than sniffing his crotch, I guess.

[Master] ok

[Master] INIT: 3 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 3; Rampager: it's your turn

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "A half-orc farted"


[Turcanaur (Joe)] I should've stayed away from the bean dip.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shit!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Hence the readied actions

[Master] The Rampager BARRELS PAST LIA toward Aedean.

[Angie] can I hit ti now?

[Master] Attacks of Opportunity for those in his path.

[Master] Yes, did you hold your action?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Why Aedean?

[Velkyna (Joe)] He smells purty.

[Master] You aren't sure. (there is a reason)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] As far as the Ravager knows, Aedean doesn't have that much metal on him.

[Angie] yes, I readied for approach, so I get one attack

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] and an AoO

[Master] Isn't Aedean wearing plate mail, even if it's, you know, wacky?

[Master] Angie -- you get an attack on your activated turn and an Ao>

[Master] AoO.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, yeah. I just wanted to remind you of the disguised aspect, in case you'd forgotten

[Master] Yep. Scent feat.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Noted

[Angie] Both at my 1st attack mods?

[Master] Angie - yep

[Angie] cool

[Master] Turc gets a similar pair of attacks.

[Defthon (Don)] I don't get an AoO, but I have a readied action---that goes after the R's attack, right?

[Angie] Lia targets Rampager. Distance: 6'09"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Goddammit.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] no, it's an interrupt

[Angie] Lia: Attack #1: Claidemn Soluis (two): (d20+19) [14+19] 33

[Angie] PROBABLY HITS Rampager

[Master] Yeah, give Def his 1 attack and move him 5' closer.

[Don] Defthon targets Rampager. Distance: 9'02"

[Defthon (Don)] Evil?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] One at a time. Did Lia's first hit?

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack #1: Tsohanoai vs eeeevil (both): (d20+10++3+5+1) [1+10+3+5+1] 20 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED] [CRITICAL MISS]

[Master] Yeah, 1 at a time.

[Master] Lia hit.

[Master] Roll damage, Lia.

[Defthon (Don)] Sorry, m'bad.

[Master] Don - yes, it's evil, but you missed.

[Master] :)

[Angie] Lia: Damage: Claidemn Soluis (two): (2d6+11) [(3+1)+11] 15

[Defthon (Don)] Thbbbt.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Does Lia have the +1 from Bless on her attack rolls?

[Master] We skipped Garfield.

[Master] Weird.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Yes. He would have readied as well.

[Master] Let's put him up in front.

[Master] Give him a regular attack and an AoO, too.

[Angie] Lia: Attack #1: Claidemn Soluis (two): (d20+19) [9+19] 28

[Angie] PROBABLY HITS Rampager

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Is that claw/claw bite, or just one?

[Master] Claw claw

[Master] One of each

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] check.

[Master] Lia - damage

[Angie] Lia: Damage: Claidemn Soluis (two): (2d6+11) [(2+1)+11] 14

[Master] You're definitely doing damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Angie needs better d6s today.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Garfield next, or Aric?

[Master] Aric, then Garfield.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aric already attacked with his xbow.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless he can take a hand swing as an AoO

[Master] Ao0.

[Angie] Is it flanked?

[Master] No.

[Master] At least, not until it finishes its move. :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] What should I be using ... ki strike, lightning fist, or normal unarmed attack?

[Master] Ki strike.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Turcanaur: Attack #1: Ki Strike (): (d20+12+1) [7+12+1] 20 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Velkyna (Joe)] Probably MISSES Rampager

[Master] That misses.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] he's got +2 hit and damage from magic fang

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, I was gonna say

[Master] Noted, and it still misses.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Oh yeah. Weird, the temp mods got eaten.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] check

[Master] Rampager targets Aedean. Distance: 6'06"

[Master] Charge attack.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] garfield next

[Master] Yep, do Garfield, sorry.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Damage: Garfield's Claw (GMF) (Each Fore): (2d4+10) [(3+3)+10] 16

[Master] Heh, a little ahead of yourself? :)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] ack! wrong damn menu item

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Attack #1: Garfield's Claw (GMF) (Each Fore): (d20+20) [2+20] 22

[Aedean (Sedlack)] +1 for the Bless

[Master] Does that include the Bless?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] plus one

[Master] Ok that's a hit. Damage.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] no, it didn't

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Damage: Garfield's Claw (GMF) (Each Fore): (2d4+10) [(3+3)+10] 16

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] *grin* identical to the accidental

[Master] heh

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Attack #1: Garfield's Claw (GMF) (Each Fore): (d20+20) [1+20] 21 [CRITICAL MISS]

[Master] 2nd attack

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] whoops

[Master] Garfield loses his footing in the muddy swamp and must spend next round getting to his feet.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] but still a 22

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Garfield's paw falls off

[Master] And a miss.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] gotcha

[Master] Ok Charge attack.

[Master] Rampager: Attack #1: Claw (Right): 23

[Master] Probably MISSES Aedean

[Velkyna (Joe)] NICE.

[Master] +1 for the Charge.

[Master] That's a 24.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Tease

[Velkyna (Joe)] DAH.

[Master] Rampager: Damage: Claw (Right): 16

[Master] 16 damage.

[Don] Kimmitt is such a teast

[Master] Aedean - reflex save.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Great

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Kimmitt is such a teat as well.)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Reflex save: (d20+8-1) [13+8-1] 20

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna assists him for a +2.

[Master] Okay, hm.

[Master] Theoretically, it just ate your armor.

[Ryan] Joe, how do you assist a reflex save?

[Master] But that seems silly for magic armor.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (as a joke)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fortitude save?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, doesn't the armor get a save against that?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I would think the armor gets a save.

[Master] yeah, lemme look that up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'd think any item destruction attempt, even non-magical would get a saving throw.

[Master] Er, that's what the Reflex save was.

[Don] Iirc armour gets the better of its own or its wearer's save.

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's how it was in previous editions.

[Ryan] generally, they get your saving throw, suitably modified.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] As I recall, it's my save or thge armor's, whichever is better.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Probably mine)

[Velkyna (Joe)] That doesn't make a lot of sense for it to be a reflex save to avoid damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Reflex save is Aedean trying to twist out of the way of the dripping acid.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fortitude save is the armor's inherent ability to resist damage.

[Master] It has a +9 save.

[Master] DC 22.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He failed the reflex save so the acid splashes his armor, but now the armor needs to save to see if it's properly damaged.

[Master] That makes sense to me.

[Master] The armor has an inherent +9 save.

[Master] Is Aedean's Reflex better than +9?

[Defthon (Don)] But if Aedean's save is better...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Reflex? No. Aedean's only got a +7 for that

[Master] ok roll d20 + 9 . . .

[Aedean (Sedlack)] OK

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d20+9) [1+9] 10

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mulligan

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d20+9) [7+9] 16

[Master] right

[Master] dang

[Master] that's bad

[Defthon (Don)] Suck.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oh well.

[Master] Aedean's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 70 (-16) - Lightly Wounded

[Velkyna (Joe)] Seriously, why is this a reflex save for the armor?

[Master] What's Aedean's Fortitude save?

[Master] Joe - I'm playing this by ear. :

[Master] :)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] +12

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's cool, but I'm still trying to grok this.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] still only rolled a 7 though

[Master] The creature's ability is vs. Reflex saves. I'm trying to be consistent.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aedean should roll a proper d20+12.

[Master] But yeah, either way, both saves missed their mark.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, the FIRST Reflex save was high enough, if it was the armor, rathwer than Aedean

[Velkyna (Joe)] Again, Aedean failed his Reflex save, so the acid splashes the armor.

[Master] Here's how I see it:

[Master] Aedean fails the reflex save.

[Velkyna (Joe)] NOW he makes a fortitude save to see if the armor is damaged.

[Master] The armor gets a Reflex/Fortitude save of some sort, becuase it's magical.

[Master] It doesn't matter if it's Reflex or Fortitude; Aedean's roll was still too lowl

[Master] Both of them.

[Master] So I'm saved the horror of having to make a ruling.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe it doesn't matter, but if he's rolling a d20+12, roll a d20+12.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Don't roll a d20+9 and then say, whoa, should've been a +12, it still fails.

[Don] Oh for heaven's sake.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's okay. This armor was Kimmitt's little baby anyway. I'll just go back to the old stuff

[Velkyna (Joe)] If it was a d20+9, fine, roll it.

[Master] Yeah.

[Master] I'm gonna rule that the armor was trashed.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fine, I tried.

[Master] INIT: 3 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 3; Lia: it's your turn

[Master] INIT: 23 ATTACK: 2

[Master] INIT: 23; Velkyna: it's your turn

[Master] Just a sec while I rearrange the inits.

[Master] ROUND: 1 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 23; Velkyna: it's your turn

[Velkyna (Joe)] Free action, drop xbow. MEA, draw sword. Free action, move 5' to flank. Standard action, sneak attack.

[Master] Ok

[Master] ok

[Don] You know, Aedean's icon looks like the bad guy capitan from Mask of Zorro.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack #1: Short Sword +3 (right): (d20+19+1) [16+19+1] 36 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Velkyna (Joe)] PROBABLY HITS Rampager

[Master] damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] So close to a crit. Dang.

[Master] Sneak attacks are effective.

[Master] Crap.

[Master] Forgot something.

[Master] Everybody make Will saves.


[Velkyna (Joe)] Derp.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Will save: (d20+3+2+4) [12+3+2+4] 21

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Will save: (d20+10+6) [15+10+6] 31

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Will save: (d20+6+6) [9+6+6] 21

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Will save: (d20+4+0+3+1) [10+4+0+3+1] 18

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Will saves, I can make

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Garfield's Will Save: (d20+11) [2+11] 13

[Defthon (Don)] Remember +1 if that's vs fear.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (+1 with the fear Bless)

[Angie] Lia: Will save: (d20+5+2) [1+5+2] 8 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (+1 if it's a fear effect)

[Don] Hee

[Velkyna (Joe)] Turcanaur: Will save: (d20+8) [2+8] 10

[Angie] +4 for fear

[Angie] so that's 12

[Master] Right.

[Master] Lia, Turcanaur, and Garfield are Shaken.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... not stirred.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Will save: (d20+10) [12+10] 22

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sneak attack damage: (7d6+3) [(5+5+3+1+4+4+3)+3] 28

[Defthon (Don)] Actually, yeah, Turc, Aedean, and Vel get +4 vs fear (morale bonus)

[Master] -2 morale penalty on attacks, damage, and saving throws.

[Master] Noted, and they're still too low.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So it's a net -1 morale penalty on attack, -2 to damage, -2 to saves except fear, which is -1

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (That won't stack with the Bless bonus, BTW)

[Defthon (Don)] Hm, Lia too. It's a 10' radius thing.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ?

[Defthon (Don)] No? Is that morale as well?

[Master] Yeah.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Bless is also morale bonus, yes

[Velkyna (Joe)] So the -2 overrides the +1?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Prayer is a luck bonus

[Defthon (Don)] I have an aura of courage. Allies within 10' get +4 morale vs fear

Ryan has left the game.

[Defthon (Don)] I get to use it so rarely I tend to forget about it. ;)

[Master] Joe - talking about Aura of Courage vs. Bless, not the penalties.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] bonuses and penalties of the same type stack, just not multiple bonuses

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Ah, sorry)

[Master] Ok, Vel does some good damage with her shortsword.

[Master] INIT: 22 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 22; Turcanaur: it's your turn

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Full ass attack.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Turcanaur: Attack #1: Ki Strike (): (d20+12+3) [18+12+3] 33 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Master] After this encounter, let's break for food/etc.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] PROBABLY HITS Rampager

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "A half-orc farted"

[Angie] Does the morale plus stack with my armor's +4 to fear?

[Don] I'm quite sure Turc would not use the phrase "full ass attack". ;)

[Master] Damage.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] OOC: But this is Joe-Turc. Awwwww, yeah.

Ryan has joined the game.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Turcanaur: Damage: Ki Strike (): (1d10+5+2) [6+5+2] 13 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Master] Angie - did I give you a modifier type for that one?

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Master] +2 for GMW.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Included,.sadly.

[Master] -2 for Shaken

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] F, not W

[Turcanaur (Joe)] ... that, was not.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I guess that's an okay time to break...but I have to pick up the rental truck at 3:30

[Turcanaur (Joe)] So it should be a net -2 from what you see rolled.

[Master] roger that

[Master] ok next attac

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Turcanaur: Attack #2: Ki Strike (): (d20+9+3) [17+9+3] 29 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Turcanaur (Joe)] PROBABLY HITS Rampager

[Turcanaur (Joe)] -2

[Angie] I don't think so, armor has Immunity to dragon fear and +4 to save from other fear effects

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Turcanaur: Damage: Ki Strike (): (1d10+5+2) [2+5+2] 9 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Turcanaur (Joe)] -2

[Master] That'd almost certainly be a morale bonus, so it wouldn't stack, sadly.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Turcanaur: Attack #3: Ki Strike (): (d20+6+3) [7+6+3] 16 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Probably MISSES Rampager

[Angie] ok

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Well, 2 out of three.

[Master] Aric gets some good licks in.

[Master] INIT: 21 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 21; Dralafi: it's your turn

[Master] Dral.

[Master] (2 out of 3 ain't bad)

[Turcanaur (Joe)] (Remember his bonuses for point blank)

[Master] Chris - Dral will want to use his multiattack Feat.

[Master] Sorry, Multiple Shot.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] It's one of the 5000 options in the tree, yes

[Master] Giving him an additional attack.

[Master] Yeah, want me to dig it out?

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Is that different from "Rapid Shot"?

[Master] Dralafi no longer targets Rampager. Distance: 10'09"

[Master] That's it

[Master] Rapid Shot.

[Master] Sorry.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Okay. That was my plan

[Master] Dralafi targets Rampager. Distance: 10'09"

[Master] Rock on

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] And he's got that juicy "Precise Shot" dealie, so no worries there

[Sedlack] Dralafi no longer targets Rampager.

[Sedlack] Dralafi targets Rampager. Distance: 10'09"

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Stop helping

[Sedlack] Dralafi targets Dralafi. Distance: 0'00"

[Master] hee

[Master] lol

[Master] Right-click on Dral to remove one of the Targets.

[Master] Go to the Target submenu.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Attack #1: +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow) (30' 1st 2 shots) (Both): (d20+20+1) [17+20+1] 38 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] PROBABLY HITS Rampager

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] PROBABLY HITS Dralafi

[Sedlack] Dralafi no longer targets Dralafi.

[Master] Damage

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow) (30' 1st 2 shots) (Both): (1d8+9) [1+9] 10

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Attack #1: +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow) (30' 1st 2 shots) (Both): (d20+20+1) [18+20+1] 39 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] PROBABLY HITS Rampager

[Master] Dral begins his pincushion act.

[Master] Damage

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow) (30' 1st 2 shots) (Both): (1d8+9) [5+9] 14

[Master] You're kicking the crap out of this thing.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Attack #1: +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (30' 3rd shot) (Both): (d20+15+1) [9+15+1] 25 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] PROBABLY HITS Rampager

[Master] damage

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Damage: +2 Longbow/+1 Arrow (30' 3rd shot) (Both): (1d8+9) [3+9] 12

[Master] It's seriously flagging.

[Master] Is that the end of your actions?

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] That's a full attack for him, so yes.

[Master] INIT: 19 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 19; Shottamip: it's your turn

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Serpents, empowered: sends 5 green serpents flying through the air to strike the target(s) for ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(3+1)*3/2] 6, ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(1+1)*3/2] 3, ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(2+1)*3/2] 4, ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(1+1)*3/2] 3, and ((1d4+1)*3/2) [(2+1)*3/2] 4 damage (DC=(10+7+1) [10+7+1] 18) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [13] 13 -- spell cast

[Shottamip (Tamora)] that's 20

[Master] Gimme a Concentration check to avoid provoking an AoO.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Concentration check:(d20+19) [17+19] 36

[Velkyna (Joe)] She could 5' drop back free.

[Master] no worries.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] can she just do a five-foot step first?

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] I'm pretty sure that's an auto-success for her

[Master] Yeah.

[Master] ANyways.

[Master] As she does so often, SHottamip finishes the job.

[Velkyna (Joe)] BUT AT WHAT COST?

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Bastard. Who wants to help me put my old armor back on?

[Master] The serpents slam into the creature, and it topples, borne under by its multiple wounds.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] That's what I'm about to tell you,, I think

Velkyna (Joe) raises her hand.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOOOOH OOOOOOH!

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOOOOOOOOOOH!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Oops, that was Aedean, of course)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, Vel, you're up.


[Velkyna (Joe)] Yesssssss!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] This takes two minutes (for Mike's reference)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] TORNADO COMING from the west. we have one minute!!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah. Take that off. Oh, you don't need that padding. Yeah, lose the breeches. Yeah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmmm.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Here, let me help you with those straps.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, right there.


[Velkyna (Joe)] GIVE ME A MINUTE.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You have got to be shitting me....

[Defthon (Don)] Are there any caves nearby? Like *really* nearby?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] No, I am not. We are in big trouble.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hold still. Just a minute. Wait for it.

[Master] Spot check.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Here, let's slip on this codpiece.

[Angie] Lia: Spot check:(d20+16) [11+16] 27

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Spot check:(d20+12) [17+12] 29

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Spot check:(d20+6+8) [7+6+8] 21

[Velkyna (Joe)] There we go.

[Master] There really isn't any cover nearby.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Spot check:(d20+2+3+1) [16+2+3+1] 22

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Spot check:(d20+12+0+1) [17+12+0+1] 30 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Spot check:(d20+9) [4+9] 13

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Direction of motion? What is the best direction to run?

[Defthon (Don)] Any hills? Ravines? This can't be a totally featureless plain.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The best direction to run is into Shottamip's treehouse, I think

[Master] You're in a valley.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Finishing up with Aedean, Vel retrieves her xbow and stores it.

[Defthon (Don)] Perpendicular to the path. So, south?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Tree. House.

[Master] Aedean's such a bright lad.

[Master] Can Garfield fit into the treehouse?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Garfield is out though

[Defthon (Don)] Treehouse is could. Can Shot cast it fast enough?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] happily, garfield is huge, so he won't blow away.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Treehouse: sends her silk rope rising straight up in the air (DC=(10+7+2) [10+7+2] 19) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [81] 81 -- spell cast

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] how many fit in the treehouse?

[Defthon (Don)] s/could/good/. Sheesh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] 8, I thought.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] 8 of us

[Defthon (Don)] So, not Garfield.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Which is perfect.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think his size would preclude him anyway.

[Defthon (Don)] But everyone else. Up the rope!

[Master] You all shimmy up the rope.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I could make a second one if it would do any good, but could he fit through the door? I don't hink so

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean can put his armorm on in the treehouse.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] no. he is big enough that he can just lie down, and it won't be able to pick him up.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] um, dang it. we have familiars.

[Defthon (Don)] Ah. They count?

[Velkyna (Joe)] They should be "part of" the person, no?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I think so, though we haven't always been that particular.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I don't think we ever counted them before

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Michael?

[Master] Familiars don't count.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] simpler then.

[Master] Neither do your intestinal bacteria. :)

[Angie] is the treehouse going to move this time?

[Master] Heh.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Treehouse--the poor man's Remove Disease

[Turcanaur (Joe)] What about my tapeworm?

[Master] Ss'sra, wilderness lore.

[Angie] Like the last one?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Better moved in the treehouse than in a tornado.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore check:(d20+18) [20+18] 38

[Master] Ss'sra correctly judges the amount of time you have to spend in the treehouse.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] doesn't get any better than that

[Shottamip (Tamora)] we can see out clearly, if there's anything to see.

[Master] He peeks out the bottom, then leads you out.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] What's the DC on a reflex save vs. Tornado? I might be able to swing it.

[Master] Oh, ok then.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] which is roughly how long? five minutes or so?

[Master] The tornado blows through (it's a Fortitude save) the area.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Snif!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean changes armor in the treehouse...

[Master] It takes about five minutes and looks like it's unbelievably loud.

Turcanaur (Joe) helps Aedean.

[Master] That should cheer Vel up.

[Defthon (Don)] I'm sure Garfield is pleased.

[Master] Rocks, mud, all kinds of stuff is flying everywhere.

[Master] Garfield is lying on his stomach with his paws over his head looking rather miserable.

Ss'sra (Ryan) tends to him at once.

[Master] Then things get so chewed up that they're invisible.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Is he hurt, or just unhappy?

[Master] Finally, it passes and Garfield, somewhat bruised, has the most amusing hairstyle imaginable.

Ss'sra (Ryan) grins broadly

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmmm ... wet cat.

[Master] Garfield takes 13 damage from debris and other suchlike.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Disguised Ghost Touch Plate +2, we hardly knew ye

[Master] (rilly)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Aedean?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yes?

[Master] You climb down, and the rain starts up shortly after. Ss'sra can tell immediately that it's going to get too bad to stay out soon.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think he wants some medic.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Could you cure the cat, please, after you've tended to yourself?

[Master] So you head back to the Tower.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oh, right...

[Master] Ok time to break for food, et cetera. I've got a bit of a headache, so I'm gonna lie down, then get maps and whatnot ready for Part the Second.

[Master] :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kewlness.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (Is anything else happening "today"?)

[Don] Sebby's going to get here just in time for the break.

[Master] No, it's too nasty out.

[Angie] How long a break?

[Master] When we get back, we'll do a bit of RP in the tower, then the second encounter set.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sebby said he'd call before he left the con, and he hasn't called yet. So. ...

[Master] 1 hour break

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay, then everyone can heal themselves to full, with no probs

[Master] ok thnx

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Okay. I'll try to be back, but I might be a little late...

[Angie] back in 1

[Shottamip (Tamora)] clear temp mods

[Velkyna (Joe)] Anyhoo, will be taking a walk with Erica so I'll actually be away from the keyboard for this food break.

Sedlack has adjusted Aedean's hit points...

[Master] Aedean's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 86 (16) - Unharmed

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Someone cure Garfield

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] That would be you.

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I have no cure spells meorized

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Let me rephrase....

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] ah, yes.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] OOC: Someone adjust Garfield's HP; he's an NPC so I don't have access

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] someone = Mike

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I guess so.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Anyway, catch y'all in a bit.

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Ryan] I am away from the keyboard.

[Defthon (Don)] I'll be around, but I'm minimising the window. Send me a msg if you need me (I'll hear the ring). Otherwise, I'll be back at 3:40.

[Don] I am away from the keyboard.

Angie has left the game.

Ryan has left the game.

[Master] Hey, I think I'm back. Stupid headache.

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Aloha.

[Master] Hm, I just realized that the next encounter I had planned was lame.

[Don] Nobody else is, though. :)

[Don] And what are you going to do about that?

[Master] Come up with a different encounter, of course.

[Don] Will that take long?

[Master] *ponders*

Ryan has joined the game.

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Master] ok heh I have a plan.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] uh oh

[Master] hee

Angie has joined the game.

Angie is receiving the map...

Angie has received the map.

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sorry, lost track of time chatting up the neighbors.

[Master] I'll be about 5-10 more minutes.

[Don] Just waiting on James, then.

[Angie] have a nice walk?

[Don] How was your "walk"?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Don: TEE HEE

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nah, it was nice. It's sunny and breezy, perfect walking weather.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, I didn't kill anyone with the rental truck...yet

[Don] Cool. And we're not waiting on James, duh, 'cuz he's just watching.

[Don] Once Mike's done rewriting the encounter, we're good to go.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That truck is a lot bigger than my mom's minivan, that's for sure

[Don] Who'd you rent from?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Budget

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Reserving early paid off here in Chambana. I got it for 0, instead of 0

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Stupid klooge

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 30 dollars, rather than 60 dollars

[Velkyna (Joe)] I've had good luck with Budget. No problems.

[Velkyna (Joe)] U-Haul, on the other hand ... legendary.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] The liftgate wasn't working at first, but a power cycle fixed it.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Then, through force of habit, I engaged the parking brake, and couldn't figure out the trick to disengage

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Other than that, it was relatively straightforward

[Don] Is it a 15'?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah, 15 footer

[Velkyna (Joe)] I think it's ice cream time. BRB.

[Joe] I am away from the keyboard.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] And actually, it cost me 40, not 30. My badd

[Aedean (Sedlack)] But still better than the folks who didn't reserve early

[Master] Ok, to avoid suffering, I won't send you to a different map.

[Master] Everybody check in, please.

[Angie] here

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Orange 5, standing by

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] here

[Shottamip (Tamora)] yep

[Joe] I am back at the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Here.

[Defthon (Don)] hi

[Master] okey-dokey.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Haven't heard from Sebby.

[Master] You return to the tower just as things get really insane outside (noted).

[Master] Hunh, he's online.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You sure it's not a utmp issue

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Idle?

[Master] Not very long, unless Chris is right.

[Master] At any rate.

[Master] You return to find Joanne, Roger, and Arkady in the process of auditioning wizards for a play.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] a play?

Velkyna (Joe) shakes her head in disbelief.

[Master] Apparently, Arkady has acquired a reputation as a performer, and he's seeking to capitalize on it.

[Master] Big money, no whammies.

[Defthon (Don)] Is it a musical?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] All in the course of a couple days. Wow

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Performer" indeed.

[Ryan] -- Joe, this is what we get for the musical theater refernces earlier...

[Master] "I want to see what that 18 Charisma looks like 'under the hood.'"

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ryan: Yeah, well, maybe it won't be "Cats".

[Defthon (Don)] When you say "capitalize", does that mean we get any scratch for this?

[Master] Don - no, a tragedy based on Seren's Folly.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Whereas that 8 Charisma can just stay under its hood, thank you very much."

[Master] Yeah, James has the money.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Meanie.

[Defthon (Don)] Wild

[Joanne] Gosh, you guys look terrible.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey thanks.

[Joanne] It must be really nasty out there.

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, it's raining cats and dogs.

Ss'sra (Ryan) drip drip drip

[Velkyna (Joe)] And tigers.

Aedean (Sedlack) scowls

[Joanne] C'mon, Arkady, let's put this on hold and take care of our friends before they catch their death of cold.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I like swimming, but this is just nuts.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] We all get *really* soaked as garfield shakes himself dry!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Where's that "Dry" Cantrip when you need it?

[Arkady] (distractedly) Hm? Ok.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (to Joanne) I see you've been busy while we were out.

[Arkady] Okay, take five, everybody.

[Joanne] I like to keep busy.

[Joanne] Idle hands are the devil's tools.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: You should message James, he's probably around.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So I've heard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You know, you could be practicing your lessons, like I wanted you to.

[Ryan] With Vel's apprentice as Arakdy's accountant, I'm having visions of "The Producers". I wonder how many thousands of percent of thius show they've sold? =)

[Velkyna (Joe)] (heh)

[Joanne] I'm practicing! It's just that we found this library, and there are so many books, and there was a history of Czina!

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

[Joanne] And Praxis is reading! It's so cute!

Velkyna (Joe) nods, thoughtfully.

[Defthon (Don)] ...of Czina? Did you find out anything new?

[Joanne] So Arkady sang songs last night, and the wizards just started tossing coins at him!

Joanne turns to Defthon, shyly.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] No other ammunition around?

[Joanne] I could lend it to you. I don't know.

Velkyna (Joe) 's attention has been peaked.

[Velkyna (Joe)] How much?

Joanne looks sharply at Aedean.

[Ryan] "piqued"

[Joanne] Hey! He was really good!

Joanne swivels back to Vel.

[Joanne] Like ten GP, just for one night's singing.

[Arkady (James)] Oh, come on. You've heard me play.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Not bad. Boccobites must be really bored up in this tower.

Joanne nods

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Sorry. I'm just in a bit of a bad mood

[Joanne] Especially with the storm.

[Joanne] And they're, um, rich.

[Arkady (James)] They are somewhat bored. This isn't exactlly Dessit.

[Joanne] So we're putting on a play!

[Velkyna (Joe)] So I hear.

[Joanne] I get to be the Oracle!

Velkyna (Joe) raises her eyebrows.

[Velkyna (Joe)] You don't look very oracular.

Joanne makes her voice deep.

[Joanne] You . . . will soon be tickled.

[Ryan] Who gets to be the Architect? Neo? Trinity?

[Arkady (James)] I'll help with the makup.

Defthon (Don) rolls his eyes.

Velkyna (Joe) similarly deepens her voice.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hat of Disguise


Joanne 's eyes widen playfully.

[Ryan] With Vel's AC, could Joanne even succeed at a tickle attack?

[Arkady (James)] I'll be helping out a bit with construction. Trying out the new lyre of building.

[Joanne] You . . . had better be careful or you'll be heating your own bath!

[Velkyna (Joe)] So what's the anticipated take on this play? A hundred?

[Joanne] Shh!

Velkyna (Joe) 's gears are obviously turning in her head.

Joanne whispers

[Arkady (James)] I doubt it will be that much.

[Joanne] If we're lucky, they'll pay us in items!

Velkyna (Joe) nods. "Nice."

[Joanne] They don't know how much some of these things are really worth.

Velkyna (Joe) pats Joanne on the shoulder. "You learn quickly, young grasshopper."

[Joanne] Anyway, come on back up to the suites and I'll run a bath.

[Joanne] Or five.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, we need to get out of these fricking wet sopping clothes.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Waterproof cloaks, my happy ass.

[Lia (Angie)] Hot water sounds wonderful

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Better than acid, at any rate

Ss'sra (Ryan) takes care of cleaning and feeding Garfield

[Arkady (James)] Indoor plumbing is always a plus.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: Magical indoor plumbing even better.

Joanne busies herself helping everyone out. It's pretty obvious she's trying to be mature for you all, and it's very sweet.

Lia (Angie) thanks her

Joanne blushes and is tongue tied for a bit.

[Joanne] The next few days' weather is unfit for man or beast.

[Master] heh, that was me.

[Master] You spend your time puttering around, checking out the history library, and enjoying non-trail food.

[Defthon (Don)] *putter putter*

[Master] One morning, you wake up (or join the folks on watch as the case may be), and it is merely hideous out, instead of incredibly awful.

[Master] Time to bake the donuts.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I would rank "hideous" as worse than "incredibly awful."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's go time.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Lock and load.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Kick the tires and light the fires.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Let's stay frosty and alert.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Same penalty conditions as last time?

[Arkady (James)] Check those corners.

[Defthon (Don)] Frosty will be easy enough.

[Master] Yep.

[Master] Thunderstorm penalty conditions.

[Master] Line yourselves up, folks.

[Arkady (James)] I think I'll sit out this one too. Nice and warm in the tower.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Shuffle up and deal

[Aedean (Sedlack)] be right back...

[Sedlack] I am away from the keyboard.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless we want to put Shottamip more in the middle.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We could swap her and Aedean.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'm open.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Same prep spells as last time?

[Master] Unless you want more Weather Control. :0

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Dragon Scales: provides the target with a +4 armor bonus to AC for the next 12 hours (DC=(10+7+1) [10+7+1] 18) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [65] 65 -- spell cast

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] That's a seventh level spell!

[Arkady (James)] Did you guys want GMW on some arrows before you leave?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Can't shoot arrows. Mele weapons

[Sedlack] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] sure

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I thought about Weather Control, but it is 7th level

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] My scimitar, the mace Dralafi is borrowing.

[Defthon (Don)] It'd be more useful on the mace Dral's borrowing, actually.

[Master] Didn't know it was that wacky.

[Arkady (James)] Well, I will prepare a stack of arrows and xbow bolts, just in case.

[Master] brb jas

[Lia (Angie)] Or can we reload the Ioun stone

[Arkady (James)] I'll do that too.

[Arkady (James)] happy hunting.

[James] I am away from the keyboard.

[Lia (Angie)] thanks

[Velkyna (Joe)] Have fun storming the castle!

[Lia (Angie)] "break a leg"

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... so to speak!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I think Control Weather is high level because it can last more than a day

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ...especially if you're a Druid

[Master] Ah.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I could make the weather *worse* (sleet storm is 4th level), but not better.

[Master] Control WInds?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] OTOH, this is good weather for Call Lightning.

[Lia (Angie)] I'm sure Garfield would LOVE that

[Aedean (Sedlack)] So, I got the sneaking suspicion that I had left the headlights of the rental truck on (which is why I left), but I hadn't. I had, however, left my car headlights on. Weird

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] control winds is 5th. Give me 4000 more XP.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] I've certainly been having trouble controlling my winds lately.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Sorry about that.

[Master] Heh ok

[Master] Chris: Wild.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We get 4000xp? Kickass!

[Master] lol

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How much XP did we get for our earlier exploits, BTW?

[Master] Hm jas

Ryan has left the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] WEE JAS

[Velkyna (Joe)] Remember you're dividing by 8, not 10.

[Master] ooh thnx

Ryan has joined the game.

[Master] 1050 xp

[Master] each

[Velkyna (Joe)] SWEET,

[Ryan] bq[eubrt

[Ryan] whaqt'd I miss?

[Velkyna (Joe)] 600 more and I'm taking this truck to MEXICO.

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Master] heh

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ryan: we get 1050 xp.

[Master] nothing much, Ryan.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Way to ensure we get 550 XP for the rest of the session, Joe.

[Don] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Hey, I'm not *that* evil.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ironically, 550 works for me, too.

[Defthon (Don)] Added. Not that I'm anywhere near levelling. ;)

[Master] Okay, WIlderness Lore check for our Druid.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 8357 XP to go!

[Ryan] Ss'sra: Wilderness Lore check:(d20+18) [18+18] 36

[Master] Nice . . . roll . . .

[Ryan] =)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Mike...same spells

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, actually 550 would leave me 7 xp short. Yeah, that would suck mighty mighty mighty.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] 7? haha

[Master] All right, you head out on patrol again, and this time Ss'sra notices (noted, Chris) that that the river you'd been fighting next to is not entirely a natural formation.

[Ryan] In what way?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] At that point, you could probably write a journal entry or something and plead 10 XP out of him.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or kill some stray cats

[Ryan] watch it, you

[Master] It looks . . . burrowed.

[Ryan] oh

[Ryan] ohhh

[Ryan] how wide is it?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shit, I could rook a Boccobite with a game of three-card monte and get some XP out of that.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Time for Vel to get ambushed by something with tremorsense

[Velkyna (Joe)] STOP HELPING HIM.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm helping!

[Lia (Angie)] lol

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I was thinking that rich + bored might = easy targets

[Master] Geez, at least 10 feet.

[Master] Yeah, about 12.

[Lia (Angie)] how about helping with the play?

[Ryan] Any sign of how recently?

[Master] Probably since the storms started.

[Velkyna (Joe)] With a dex of 25, Vel could handle the string puppets.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] which was about a week ago, at this point?

[Master] Yeah.

Angie has left the game.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] can I tell which direction it was bored/burrowed/gnamwed in?

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Should we follow it?"

[Master] Not really.

[Defthon (Don)] A twelve-foot-wide burrowing creature. Lovely.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] follow it, yes -- but which way?

Angie has joined the game.

Angie is receiving the map...

Angie has received the map.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] given no other indications, I'd probably pick downstream

[Defthon (Don)] Seems reasonable.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Works for me.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Fine by me

[Velkyna (Joe)] We sure as shit ain't splittling up.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] A flip of the ol' kLoOge Coin results in: Tails

[Master] jas

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Do you think it might still be close by? I could try Detect Thoughts or something.

[Velkyna (Joe)] ... asuming it's sentient.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] if burrowing is its normal means of travel, oif it were nearby we should be able to see another stream/pond branching off this one.

[Master] "Int scores of 1 or higher."

[Shottamip (Tamora)] actually, I thought that worked on animals with some thought level, too

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] i hope

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, dang.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Coolness.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I might as well try. It's a cheap spell.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] then do it

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Detect Thoughts: concentrates and begins to detect the thoughts of creatures around her (Will save negates) (DC=(10+7+2) [10+7+2] 19) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [97] 97 -- spell cast

[Velkyna (Joe)] Are there trees? I could climb one and try to look around too. Or Shot could fly up with her Boots, as long as we tether her to keep her from blowing away.

[Master] You feel the presence of the Party, and something underground, about sixty feet away to the northwest.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] visibility is not good in this

[Shottamip (Tamora)] So if there's anything in range, as I slowly turn in a circle, it gets a Will save. But I think I might still notice it was there, just fail to read the thoughts.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean is going to chuck another Endurance on Dral.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d4+1) [3+1] 4

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nice.

[Master] got it.

[Lia (Angie)] how much visibility do we have?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] it's underground

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Whoa. Something beneath ground level, off thataway.

[Master] 2nd round: It's not thinking, really. Animalistic.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] An animal, not a sentient creature.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Should we check it out, then?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Can you tell how big it is? Or are we assuming it's the behemoth that dug the river?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] dunno. GM?

[Master] It's thinking big thoughts.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] but not deep ones?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's Peter Gabriel

[Master] It's got to make it show, yeah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's on its way, it's making it.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It kneels in its big church.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] How far underground is it?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Actually, if it's thinking about what a nice light snack those catoblepas corpses were, then maybe this is our guy.

[Master] Now that you bring it up . . . Shottamip, it is thinking about what a nice snack those catoblepas and ravager corpses were.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or if it's thinking that the Ravager left its stomach feeling a bit acid-y

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] purple worm, then, i suppose

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's looking for a five-foot-wide Tums.

[Master] Shit, now *I'm* looking for five-foot-wide Tums. Just to see them.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] If I get closer, I might be able to guess how far down.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Not too close.

[Master] It's napping, but it just woke up.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] She can fly, at least

[Master] Not in this wind, she can't.

[Lia (Angie)] great

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Hmm - it just woke up. Maybe it will come to us.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ten meters. Nine meters! Six meters!

[Velkyna (Joe)] That's impossible man, that's in the room!

[Lia (Angie)] wonderful

[Ryan] everybody jump up and down a while...

Garfield paces nervously.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Needless to say, I think we've all got weapons out.

[Ryan] Usul has called a big one!

[Master] The PURPLE WORM explodes from the ground and curles into a coil some 25 feet across!

[Defthon (Don)] Good heavens.

[Velkyna (Joe)] SWEET. MERCIFUL. CRAP.

[Master] It's huge!

[Master] Gargantuan1

[Master] Colossal!

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Initiative:(d20+2) [13+2] 15

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Initiative:(d20+7) [12+7] 19

[Master] Four times the size of a regular Purple Worm!

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Initiative:(d20+0) [7+0] 7

[Velkyna (Joe)] Turcanaur: Initiative:(d20+4) [9+4] 13

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Initiative:(d20+3) [3+3] 6

[Master] PURPLE WORM: Initiative:2

[Master] Vel and Don, reroll.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Garfield's Initiative: (d20+2) [4+2] 6

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Initiative:(d20-1) [7-1] 6

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Initiative:(d20+6) [3+6] 9

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Initiative:(d20+6) [11+6] 17

[Velkyna (Joe)] Why?

[Master] enh, I'll just put them in manually.

[Master] I hadn't hit the "accept inits" button yet.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sorry. I'll reroll, as long as it's better.

[Don] I always figured that was automatic once the battle was started.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, I saw the init thing. Sorry for jumping the gun.

[Master] INIT: 19 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 19; Velkyna: it's your turn

[Master] Heh. Vel's up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Are we charging it?

[Defthon (Don)] Dunno. Are you?

[Master] (LOL)

[Lia (Angie)] that was an oops

[Velkyna (Joe)] Too far.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] It conceivably has 30 feet of reach!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Wait, are you kidding?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] normal collossal purple worms have 15. this is bigger...

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sweet shit on toast

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] ^collossal^gargantuan

[Velkyna (Joe)] No way I'm charging it. I'll move around to flank it next turn.

[Master] ok

[Master] INIT: 17 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 17; Lia: it's your turn

[Velkyna (Joe)] Moving 30' and holding my standard action.

[Master] Angie.

[Lia (Angie)] charge and partial

[Master] ok

[Angie] Lia targets PURPLE WORM. Distance: 12'10"

[Master] What happened to the Boots of Speed?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm taking my standard action now, to move even closer, since this is how it's playing out. Next turn, I'll engage.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] she forgot

[Master] heh

[Don] Hello?

[Master] I'm having an internet hiccough out here.

[Lia (Angie)] can I activate the boots as my partial action and then take the extra partial from haste to attack/

[Lia (Angie)] ?

[Master] ye

[Master] ah

[Velkyna (Joe)] And then she's not charging, and doesn't get the - to AC.

[Master] I think my ISP's DNS server jsut died.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Curses. Dismissing a spell is a standard action.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mike: Do we want to restart?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Activate is standard; run gets her there in the move action; then she attacks as a partial?

[Master] Dunno. Angie you there?

[Master] Yeah.

[Lia (Angie)] here

[Lia (Angie)] I was waiting for a ruling

[Master] Oh, sorry. Yes, that works.

[Master] I can see where I was unclear.

[Joe] Velkyna targets PURPLE WORM. Distance: 25'08"

[Don] Hey, is Sebby still MIA?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (So far)

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Attack #1: Claidemn Soluis (two): (d20+19) [9+19] 28


[Sedlack] Dralafi targets PURPLE WORM. Distance: 63'06"

[Master] Damage.

[Don] Defthon targets PURPLE WORM. Distance: 64'01"

[Lia (Angie)] Lia: Damage: Claidemn Soluis (two): (2d6+11) [(1+4)+11] 16

[Master] SEBBY said Joss Whedon was going to be at the Con. I think SEBBY may be having a life-changing event as we speak.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] missile fire is still impossible, yes?

[Master] YOu strike the worm, but it's so enormous that you don't know how much damage you're really doing.

[Master] Ryan - yes.

[Master] INIT: 15 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 15; Defthon: it's your turn

[Master] Def.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oh yeah, right.

[Defthon (Don)] Charge and attack.

[Defthon (Don)] Eeevil?

[Master] Nope.

[Master] Just biiiig.

[Defthon (Don)] Is the size difference a bonus?

[Velkyna (Joe)] On to hit, yeah, but that's factored into its AC

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It's figured into its AC

[Master] nod

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Attack #1: Tsohanoai (both): ((d20+10++3+3)+2) [(9+10+3+3)+2] 27


[Master] damage

[Master] Yeah, hitting it isn't the problem.

[Defthon (Don)] Defthon: Damage: Tsohanoai (both): (1d10+3++3*1.5) [7+3+3*1.5] 14

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's going to have a huge ass + from natural armor and a huge - from size and (lack of dex).

[Master] 13

[Velkyna (Joe)] As Mike said, hitting isn't the problem. It's the THREE FRICKING HUNDRED OR SO HITS that's the problem.

[Master] okey-dokey

[Master] INIT: 13 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 13; Turcanaur: it's your turn



[Ss'sra (Ryan)] remeber the +2 GMF

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Ooh, let me set temp mods.

[Don] Ok that was scary.

[Joe] Turcanaur targets PURPLE WORM. Distance: 10'06"

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Turcanaur: Attack #1: Tiger Leap (via Sandals) (See notes): (d20+11+2) [4+11+2] 17 [ROLL WAS MODIFIED]

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Probably MISSES PURPLE WORM

Tamora has left the game.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Now that's a Sebby roll.


[Master] Man that attack sucked. It even kicked Tami out of the game. :)

[Master] jas


[Master] back

[Master] Ok Tami's trying to get back in.

[Master] INIT: 9 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 9; Dralafi: it's your turn

[Master] Dral.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oops

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Forgot I was Dral

[Master] heh

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] How far can I get on a charge?

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] 60"

[Master] yeah

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] ?


[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dral, emboldened by his additional health, charges the Worm

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Attack #1: Heavy mace (Both): (d20+10+2) [11+10+2] 23


[Turcanaur (Joe)] "I can put you in touch with a man who can help you. A man by the name of ... EL KABONG."

[Master] damage

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] +whatever

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Dralafi: Damage: Heavy mace (Both): (1d8) [2] 2

[Turcanaur (Joe)] KABONGGGGGGG!

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] That's wrong

[Master] Two-handed.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] +3 from GMW, +STR

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] He should have +2 for Str

[Master] So I get a total of +6.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] That's...better

[Defthon (Don)] Doh, forgot to add that.

[Master] Drops in a bucket, man.

[Master] INIT: 7 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 7; Ss'sra: it's your turn

[Master] Ok lizardboy.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Don't worry, I'll turn up the juice with the stabby next turn.

[Master] Since Garfield inexplicably failed to show up on the thingy, do both of you.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Flame Strike, I think.

[Master] ok

[Lia (Angie)] Ryan is frozen

[Master] suxx0r.

[Master] Ok I"ll roll it up.

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Sukk

Ryan has left the game.

Ryan has joined the game.

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Master] I can't find Flame STrike...

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] As I was trying to say, should I bother targeting, or just roll it?

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Lvl d8

[Master] Roll it; touch AC is tiny.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] d6, Joe. Not d8

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Man, they pimped it.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Flame Strike doesn't require a touch attack, Mike

[Turcanaur (Joe)] Yeah, it's like a fireball.

[Master] oh nemmind

[Master] ok then yeah just roll it

[Master] i misunderstood the questions.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Right, klooge is fighting mee. (8d6) [(5+6+3+5+5+6+6+1)] 37

[Master] (Tami's having trouble reconnecting, so I'm a mite distracted.

[Master] (no saving throw?)

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Ref

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] half damage

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] reflex half.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] DC 22

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I think

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] Should be 14+your wis mod

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] (Which, I think would be 21

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's fourth level? That explains the nerf.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] yes, 21.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Used to be sixth.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] For druids. For clerics, 5th

[Velkyna (Joe)] (I think)

[Master] PURPLE WORM: Reflex save: 27

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fuck!

[Master] That's an image.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] OK, now Garfield.

[Dralafi (Sedlack)] I envision it curling into a circle AROUND the pillar of flame

[Master] Heh.

[Master] just a sec here.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] OK, paused...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Psst...Shottamip...Haste me

[Angie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Messing with Tami's connection.

[Don] Chris, you want me to fix Dral's char sheet?

Tamora has joined the game.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Please do, Don.

[Velkyna (Joe)] TAMMAY!

Tamora is receiving the map...

Tamora has received the map.

[Don] Ok, I added the str bonus. Remember to use the GMW entry as appropriate.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Psst...Shottamip...Haste me

Angie has left the game.

[Master] Good fricking grief.

[Master] Now our router's acting up.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Whee

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I'll see what I can do.

Angie has joined the game.

[Master] Ok then.

[Master] Ss'sra, what's Garfield up to?

Angie is receiving the map...

Angie has received the map.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Now it's time for General Chennault and his Flying Tiger!

[Angie] Duck

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] exactly.

[Master] hee

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Attack #1: Garfield's Bite (GMF) (Mouth): (d20+15) [7+15] 22

[Master] damage

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Damage: Garfield's Bite (GMF) (Mouth): (2d6+6) [(4+3)+6] 13

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Attack #1: Garfield's Claw (GMF) (Each Fore): (d20+20) [15+20] 35

[Master] damage

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Damage: Garfield's Claw (GMF) (Each Fore): (2d4+10) [(2+1)+10] 13

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Attack #1: Garfield's Claw (GMF) (Each Fore): (d20+20) [9+20] 29

[Master] damage

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Damage: Garfield's Claw (GMF) (Each Fore): (2d4+10) [(4+4)+10] 18

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Attack #1: Garfield's Rake (GMF) (Each Rear): (d20+20) [17+20] 37

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Damage: Garfield's Rake (GMF) (Each Rear): (2d4+6) [(2+3)+6] 11

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm going to go rotate my tires. Call me when Garfield is done attacking.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Attack #1: Garfield's Rake (GMF) (Each Rear): (d20+20) [18+20] 38

[Master] Um, hang on.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Damage: Garfield's Rake (GMF) (Each Rear): (2d4+6) [(3+3)+6] 12

[Master] ok

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] There we go. One Mouth, Four feet.

[Master] Next time target the damn worm, fer fuck's sake.

[Master] INIT: 6 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 6; Shottamip: it's your turn

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Oh. Sorry.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Haste: gives the target an extra partial action and a +4 haste bonus to AC for the next 12 rounds (DC=(10+7+3) [10+7+3] 20) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [29] 29 -- spell cast

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Shottamip: Haste: gives the target an extra partial action and a +4 haste bonus to AC for the next 12 rounds (DC=(10+7+3) [10+7+3] 20) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [19] 19 -- spell cast

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Onr for me, one for Aedean.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I so happy

[Velkyna (Joe)] HAPPY FEET!

[Master] okey dokey

[Master] INIT: 6 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 6; Aedean: it's your turn

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 1) Cast HARM

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 2) Normal move 40'

[Velkyna (Joe)] WARM.

[Velkyna (Joe)] IT.

[Velkyna (Joe)] UP.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] don't forget your temp mod of 4 to AC.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 3) Extra Partial move more

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 4) Touch Attack

[Velkyna (Joe)] You get +2 from flanking.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Need I even rool it?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Garfield)

[Master] Yes, please.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Attack #1: Spiritual Rapier (0): (d20+8) [3+8] 11

[Master] heh

[Master] Sure.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] +2 for Flanking

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Harm: A foul energy reduces the creature to (1d4) [3] 3 hit points. (DC=(10+6+6) [10+6+6] 22) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [6] 6 -- spell cast

[Master] That did it.


[Shottamip (Tamora)] Wowsers.

[Master] PURPLE WORM's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 3 (-473): Massively Wounded.

[Don] Wow.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Um.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I don't have any spells like that.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] We should have had someone wait to go after him. =)


[Velkyna (Joe)] Um.

[Don] Thanks Chris!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That should speed things up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] A BIT.

[Master] INIT: 2 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 2; PURPLE WORM: it's your turn

[Don] Rather.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] This is gonna hurt

[Velkyna (Joe)] This was ... um ... poorly timed.

[PURPLE WORM] PURPLE WORM targets Aedean. Distance: 13'00"

[Don] Purple Worm: Yipe yipe yipe yipe!

[PURPLE WORM] PURPLE WORM: Attack #1: Bite (): 41


[PURPLE WORM] PURPLE WORM: Damage: Bite (): 31

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "Probably"

[Velkyna (Joe)] SWALLOW.

[Velkyna (Joe)] SWALLOW.

[PURPLE WORM] 31 damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] SWALLOW.


[Shottamip (Tamora)] Guess we'll raise you later.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Fortitude save: (d20+10+2) [7+10+2] 19

[PURPLE WORM] 3 temporary Str loss

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Wah

[PURPLE WORM] Aedean's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 55 (-31) - Moderately Wounded

[PURPLE WORM] Grapple check!

[PURPLE WORM] (not even worth rolling)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I should think not

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] The next time you're going to Harm something, Aedean, you probably want to tell the rest of us, so we can wait to go until after you're done.


[PURPLE WORM] That did it.

PURPLE WORM swallows Aedean.

[Don] Could be worse---if it were dealing 50 points at a pop, we'd be dealing with "massive" damage.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Don't worry, Vel will have sliced open its throat before Aedean hits the gullet.

[Don] It *what*?


[PURPLE WORM] damage

[PURPLE WORM] Aedean's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 32 (-23) - Heavily Wounded

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 23 damage from?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Purple worms swallow you whole.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] It swallows things whole. Even the normal ones can swallow Large creatures.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (stomach acid?)

[Master] Being swallowed.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] This thing might even be able to swallow Garfield!

[PURPLE WORM] PURPLE WORM targets Garfield. Distance: 6'01"

[Don] You and your big mouth.

[PURPLE WORM] PURPLE WORM: Attack #1: Sting (): 34


[Velkyna (Joe)] Looks like Ryan spoke too soon.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Way to go, RYAN.

[Master] The Purple Worm stings Garfield.

[Don] Well, really, Purple Worm and *his* big mouth, but anyway.

[Master] Fortitude Save.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Garfield's Fortitude Save: (d20+13) [20+13] 33

[Master] WEll done.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Neeep.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I will admit, I was disappointed to see that the Purple Worm was the only thing after me in the initiative list

[Master] PURPLE WORM: Damage: Sting (): 19

[Master] ROUND: 1 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 19 ATTACK: 1

[Master] INIT: 19; Velkyna: it's your turn

[Master] Heh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Velkyna: Attack #1: Short Sword +3 (right): (d20+19) [14+19] 33


[Master] damage

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sneak attack damage: (7d6+3) [(4+3+2+6+3+2+4)+3] 27

[Master] It dies.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Please cut me out. Thank oyu

Velkyna (Joe) frantically starts hacking at the worm to try to carve Aedean out.

[Master] And barfs Aedean up.

[Defthon (Don)] Now, let's get Aedean out!

[Defthon (Don)] Ah.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] But its stomach acid burns on.

[Master] Just to be polite.

Aedean (Sedlack) coughs

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aedean!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Shit, you look fucking awful.

[Master] That was . . . epic.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It could have been worse

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Awesome spell, man.

[Master] 800 XP each.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] It has its nice points.

[Master] 1100 XP for Aedean.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Score!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Too bad I didn't get to break the 500 damage barrier

[Master] If only your init had been higher.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean casts Heal on himself

[Defthon (Don)] Added.

[Master] Buh.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d4+9) [4+9] 13

[Defthon (Don)] Does something happen at the 500 damage barrier?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Roll #1: (d4) [2] 2

[Master] The Worm is almost certainly worth something to the Boccobites. Do you have any way to transport it?

[Defthon (Don)] Actually, is Harm exempted from the 50HP "massive damage" threshold?

[Velkyna (Joe)] The whole thing?

Sedlack has adjusted Aedean's hit points...

[Master] Aedean's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 84 (52) - Barely Scratched

[Master] It weighs about 80 tons.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Don: It's not damage, it's loss of hit points. I think.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe it doesnt' make a difference.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] We shoudl at least cut it open and search its gullet.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] also, just how far away from the tower are we at this point?

[Master] About a mile and a half.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Maybe we should just carve up parts of it. Tail, eyes, I dunno. We can't move the whole thing.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I don't see anything useful on my spell list.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Did anyone give Dral his XP, or should I do that?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Unless we want to send someone back and maybe the Boccobites can xport it.

[Master] Chris, you go ahead.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] I think it's too big for a carpet. Or even all the carpets.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Joe -- exactly

[Defthon (Don)] Send Turcanaur, he's fast.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Got Sebby on the phone. How much longer are we gonna be?

[Master] Carl should go in, because he's white.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He's still at the con and wondering if it's worth coming back.

[Master] That was the last of my planned encounters. It was supposed to be . . . longer.

[Don] Thanks Chris!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I (heart) Harm

[Angie] sorry, sort of

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] While he's doing that, in case they can't transport it whole, we should think about how to chop it up into smaller pieces.

[Master] I <3 Harm

[Master] Oh, it's fine. But tell SEBBY Chris killed the critter too fast, so we're wrapping up.

[Velkyna (Joe)] He says sorry I didn't make it but he's gonna stay at the con in that case.

[Master] Fair enough, have fun. :)

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Um, we could discover it had a mate, and fight that one now? =)

[Master] Heh.

[Master] No, I like to *reward* you for quick thinking, not *punish* you. :)

[Master] You finish your patrol without incident and head back toward the tower.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Yeah. It's not like I have another Harm ready

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Do we find anything nifty in its tummy when we slice it open?

[Master] Good grief.

[Master] Heh.

[Master] Roll 2d8

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (2d8) [(1+6)] 7

[Master] ok 7 d%'s.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 7 Catoblepas corpses

[Velkyna (Joe)] !

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (d100) [53] 53

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (d100) [98] 98

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (d100) [75] 75

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 53 Ravager skeletons

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (d100) [68] 68

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (d100) [74] 74

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 98 assorted adventurers

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (d100) [27] 27

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] (d100) [52] 52

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 75 Umber hulks, who attack Vel!

[Velkyna (Joe)] GODDAMMIT

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 68 smaller Purple Worms

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 74 acid-resistant bodaks

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 27 young black dragons

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 52 tons of worm shit


[Master] A chrysoberyl worth 120 GP, a sapphire worth about 1,000 GP (!), an aquamarine worth 400 GP, a piece of jade worth 90 GP, a black pearl worth 500 GP even, a rough quartz worth about 50 GP, and an amethyst worth 60 GP.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Woohoo

[Defthon (Don)] h

[Velkyna (Joe)] Detect Magic!

[Defthon (Don)] Good thinking, Ss'sra.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Ss'sra: Detect Magic: duration 8 minutes. (DC=(10+10+6+0) [10+10+6+0] 26) Spell failure check (>=0): (d100) [40] 40 -- spell cast

[Master] The storm creates an ambient magical aura, but nothing else.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Dibs the sapphire, unless someone has a special need for it.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] What for?

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Oh. Because it ate you?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That and the massive amount of damage I did to it, yes

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Also, partially, the armor I lost last week

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm unsurprisingly okay with that.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] The rest we should turn into coins, to divide more easily.

[Master] You head back to the Tower, where play preparations are in full swing.

Sedlack has left the game.

[Master] Egad, the map's not even vaguely that big.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Now Chris got barfed.

Sedlack has joined the game.

[Sedlack] Did I miss anything?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nah.

[Angie] I was frozen for a minute

[Aedean (Sedlack)] My only regret is that Arkady wasn't there to see that and write a song about it.

Ryan has left the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] We could start calling Aedean "Wormslayer"

[Lia (Angie)] we can give him a play by play

Ryan has joined the game.

[Master] I was frozen too. This program is occasionaly exceedingly well-named.

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Although, ironically, it was Vel who actually killed it

[Joanne] Holy crap, Aedean, what happened to you?

[Velkyna (Joe)] You put it next to the cliff, I gave it a nudge off.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I was eaten by a worm

[Arkady] Costume change after the death scene...

[Joanne] Come again?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Big worm.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] But, I can't say I blame it after what I did to it

[Velkyna (Joe)] Big big BIG worm.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] You can probably actually see the worm from the tower

Velkyna (Joe) pulls out a tooth the size of a man's leg.

[James] I am back at the keyboard.

[Saminda] Ah, a purple worm?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Or could, if the weather were clear

[Velkyna (Joe)] (from her Haversack)

[Aedean (Sedlack)] More like ultraviolet

[Lia (Angie)] yes

Roger rushes over to see it.

[Arkady (James)] So what's the inside of a worm look like?

[Roger] Can I see that?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Sure /hands it to him, it's bigger than he is/

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Like the outside, but inside out

Roger staggers off and leans it against a wall, checking it out.

[Arkady (James)] Most impressive.

[Saminda] How . . . Oh my.

[Saminda] Er, Aedean, how long *was* the worm?

Saminda blushes quietly at her unintended double entendre.

[Velkyna (Joe)] that sounds like a personal question.

Ryan has left the game.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (how long was it? 90 feet?)

[Velkyna (Joe)] [snakes blush?]

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (more?)

[Master] 150 feet

[Lia (Angie)] Ryan's having problems

[Aedean (Sedlack)] about 150 feet. Loooong worm

[Master] Really?

[Don] Odd---Roger and Praxis are the only ones in the icon bar for me right now. Bug!

[Arkady (James)] Same here.

Ryan has joined the game.

[Ryan] Maybe this time I'll just not ask for the map.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, I didn't have the *pleasure* of traversing its whole length from the inside, but it was about that long

[Saminda] Heh.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Didn't notice, I hide the icon bar.

[Saminda] Oh my.

[Arkady (James)] That trip would have taken at least a day.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fortunately it didnt' last that long.

[Joanne] I am SO SURE we're making poo jokes after Aedean just got eaten. I love you guys.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Next up are the vomit jokes, so hold on to your hats.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's funny because no one died.

Praxis takes off his hat of disguise.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 'Cause you'll need something to vomit into

[Lia (Angie)] it's always funny if no one dies

[Joanne] Unless they're maimed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Well, none of _us_, anyway

[Praxis] No, that's still funny.

[Joanne] Ok, yeah, you're right.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Well, it's always funny until someone gets swallowed whole. And then it's funny again when they're barfed back up.

Ryan grins toothily at Praxis

Arkady (James) moves over to Aedean and starts a cleaning spell, seeing as how he still smells of worm spit.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Hey Aedean, let me help you take off that armor.

[Master] (sense motive for Aedean)

[Lia (Angie)] did we miss the play?

[Saminda] Aedean, ah, so where is this enormous worm?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean: Sense Motive check:(d20+6) [17+6] 23


[Ss'sra (Ryan)] I'll take you to it.

[Master] Saminda's pretty impressed by this tale. Her looser body posture implies that she's at least flirting with you.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Oh, yeah.

[Don] Ah've gotcher enormous worm RAHT HEER

[Velkyna (Joe)] There's nothing Aedean likes better than the sexy slither of a lady snake.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ohhhhhh, BABY.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] And if she's pit-viper-descended, she can see him getting hot.

[Arkady (James)] LOL

[Master] That was the most random science fact ever.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Aedean wakes up to the situation, having recovered from being swallowed.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "I can take you to it, and I tell you the tale."

Defthon (Don) snickers

[Saminda] I'd like that, once the storm clears up.

Saminda clears her throat and remembers herself suddenly.

[Saminda] I have . . . an errand. Elsewhere in the Tower.

[Saminda] Please excuse me.

[Shield Guardian] ?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (to Aedean, whispering) Does she even have, yknow. Girl parts?

Roger is wrestling with Praxis.

[Arkady (James)] Is that what they are called? I wasn't aware.

[Praxis] I want the tooth!

[Roger] You can't handle the tooth!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] (whispering back) I'm not sure, but life's an adventure

[Master] The tooth falls to the floor noisily.

[Velkyna (Joe)] OOC: EL OH EL

[Roger] See?

[Arkady (James)] If it means that much to you, just ask someone to get you your own tooth.

[Praxis] Hmph.

[Velkyna (Joe)] There are more, you know.

[Don] "You can't handle the tooth"? Boy oh boy.

Praxis draws himself up to his full foot and a half of height.

[Arkady (James)] What are you going to do with it though, wear it around your neck?

[Velkyna (Joe)] He could use it for a CANOE.

[Praxis] At the end of the day, we all have to find our own tooth.

[Defthon (Don)] Hollow it out and live in it? I mean, geez.

Praxis scurries out.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] But what is tooth? Is it unchanging jaw? We both have tooths -- are mine the same as yours?

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Remember....da...tooth

[Master] And now the ooc circle is complete.

[Velkyna (Joe)] No, no. The musical is later.

[Arkady (James)] Actually, it would almost be big enough to make a cat-carrier.

Roger looks thoughtful at this.

Pilagro gives him a dirty look.

[Joanne] Arkady's got a GIRLFRIEND.

[Defthon (Don)] Arkady has? Do tell.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] What's this?

Velkyna (Joe) sniggers.

[Arkady (James)] I can neither confirm, nor deny such statements.

[Joanne] Her name is Miroawen.

[Ryan] Is she toothsome?

Defthon (Don) raises an eyebrow.

Arkady (James) breaks out in a grin.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Isn't that the name of his right hand?

[Shottamip (Tamora)] hey, now.

Velkyna (Joe) sniggers some more.

[Joanne] People name their hands?

[Praxis] I bet Miroawen's named his.

[Defthon (Don)] Only when they're special hands, Joanne.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Don't go insulting the lady. Whoever she is.

[Lia (Angie)] men name alll sorts of thiangs

Joanne looks at Defthon, shocked, then blushes.

[Don] HA ha!

[Arkady (James)] She's very nice, you'll meet her later.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I honestly didn't think you had it in you, Defthon.

Master mutters, "Or on you."

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I know. He might not be so paladins go.

[Ryan] and now he wants to get it into someone else...

Pilagro looks at Garfield.

[Ss'sra (Ryan)] Garfiels shakes himself down again, drenching everyone

Garfield looks at Pilagro.

[Master] (OOC: Garfield: I think I shall call him . . . mini-me.)

Ryan is receiving the map...

Ryan has received the map.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So Arkady, how's the ... PLAY ... coming along?

Angie has left the game.

Angie has joined the game.

Angie has left the game.

Joanne pipes up irrepressably!

[Joanne] It's great!

Velkyna (Joe) barely stifles a giggle.

Aedean (Sedlack) smiles at Vel's double entendre

[Joanne] We're getting some of the apprentices to cast spells to make it look like I'm making lightning bolts come out of my eye---

[Arkady (James)] Well. I mean, we're not all professionals, but everyone's putting in a good effort.

[Joanne] /me's eyes widen as she gets the entendre.

[Joanne] Oh. My.

Ryan has left the game.

Velkyna (Joe) giggles some more. "Sounds great!"

Velkyna (Joe) gets a little more serious. "When's it open up?"

[Don] Heh

Angie has joined the game.

Dralafi sighs and shakes his head.

Velkyna (Joe) can't help herself, and sniggers some more.

Ryan has joined the game.

[Ryan] I tried to get the map to see what the mini-me joke was about, but it seems to have been a bad idea. What is going on?

[Master] Pilagro's a housecat. That's all.

[Arkady (James)] Soon. We've just got a couple more rehersals, and then it's show time.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll bet it is.

Defthon (Don) snickers out loud.

[Joanne] (brightly) Vel, let me show you this book I found in the library!

[Arkady (James)] I've been glad for a break. Sleeping under a roof, no one shooting at me. I could almost get used to this.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Okay, what's it about? Is this the Czina one?

[Sedlack] Dralafi targets Arkady. Distance: 7'03"

Defthon (Don) raises an eyebrow at this.

[Joanne] No, it's a different one. Praxis found it. "How to win friends and influence humanoids."

[Ryan] Charm Person or Animal.

[Velkyna (Joe)] What, like goblins?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Who wants that?

Joanne draws up short, then sticks her tongue out at Ss'sra.

[Arkady (James)] Yeah, but if you can do it non-magically, it can last longer.

Joanne then looks thoughtful for a sec and glances at Roger.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] "PURPLE WORM's hit points adjusted to 3 (-473)"

[Aedean (Sedlack)] That'll influence some humanoids

[Velkyna (Joe)] Fappo!

[Joanne] Goblins are GOBLINOIDS. Didn't they teach you anything in the school we both went to?

[Arkady (James)] That would be the school of hard knocks?

[Velkyna (Joe)] (Damn beat me to it)

[Velkyna (Joe)] I must've missed that class.

Joanne smiles.

[Arkady (James)] Didn't think they covered 'The Goblin Wars' in that one.

[Joanne] Were there Goblin Wars?

[Velkyna (Joe)] Back home, yeah.

[Joanne] Oh, okay.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mostly out east.

[Ryan] Goblinoid is considered a subset of Humanoid. At least they don't use that horrible "demi-human" word anymore.

[Master] You spend some time relaxing and chatting with each other. The play is quite good, actually, and well-received.

Aedean (Sedlack) would like to see if can arrange Saminda attending the play with him

[Master] Further patrols are routine; you find a couple of exiles from various parts of your continent, and the Boccobites agree to care for them until they can strike out on their own.

[Ryan] What do we learn from the catchy dance number about seren and his folly?

[Master] A few incidental things:

[Master] 1) The Oracle came into being after Seren's Fall, but her origin is still shrouded in mystery.

[Master] 2) Dessit predates Seren's Folly.

[Master] (I meant Folly in the first point.)

[Master] 3) There was at least one excellent playwright in recent history.

[Master] 4) The Boccobites *really* dig on tragedy.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aw man, you mean Arkady didn't write this? Dis!

[Master] Arkady *adapted* it. :)

[Defthon (Don)] Yeah, that's what I thought too.

[Defthon (Don)] Ah

[Master] That's mostly it. The rest was pretty obviously fictionalized.

[Ryan] He wrote the closing number: "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"

[Velkyna (Joe)] "Inspired by the play by [so and so]"

[Arkady (James)] Yeah, but no one thought me wearing a shiny dress and explaining the meaning of life at the end worked, so we didn't do it.

Velkyna (Joe) duly congratulates Joanne on her performance as The Oracle.

Joanne obviously had a great time and is fairly talented.

[Master] The storm doesn't really let up for a month.

[Defthon (Don)] Oy.

[Master] We'll pick up three weeks from now, game-time, at the next session.

[Master] Go ahead and send me dates for late August and all of September.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Once it does, we have got to return the griffins right away.

[Master] No joke.

[Velkyna (Joe)] During one of the really bad parts, Velkyna will spend some time hanging out in the main sanctuary of Boccob, assuming she's allowed there.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] ooc: I do want to know whether Aedean gets any cold-blooded yuan-ti luvvin'

[Velkyna (Joe)] (bad parts of the storm)

[Don] We've spent longer at Boccob's Tower than we previously had together as a party, I think.

[Master] Turcanaur has expressed a Very Strong Preference for visiting the Order of the Open Palm.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Nah, we blew at least two weeks at the paladins.

[Don] Ah, good point.

[Master] And Aedean does, in fact, get some yuan-ti luvvin'. Turns out they do have girl parts.

[Arkady (James)] LOL

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Score!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Skor!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Except they're ... scaly.

[Velkyna (Joe)] The girl parts.

[Master] "Barkskin."

[Arkady (James)] Ah, that's gotta be rough.

[Don] Yes, rather.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm sure Aedean can whip up a salve or something

[Velkyna (Joe)] UNGUENT

[Ryan] brakskin I can do.

[Master] Thanks!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Thank you!

[Master] The Order will have some RP, followed by Ye Olde Dungeoun Crawl.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah, this was a blast.

[Arkady (James)] So these aren't the type to bite the head of their lover off afterwards? That's a relief.

[Velkyna (Joe)] LUV

[Velkyna (Joe)] THE

[Master] :) :) :) :)

[Velkyna (Joe)] CRAWL

[Don] Mahalo!

[Ryan] and worth it, from a biological experimentation POV

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Good luck with your move, Chris.

[Master] Seconded.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Thanks.

[Arkady (James)] Thirded.

[Velkyna (Joe)] How much XP for the worm?

[Ryan] No, those are generally insects. Snakes don't do that.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] 800 for you

[Master] I handed it out -- 800 to everyone but Chris.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Ah, missed that.

[Velkyna (Joe)] KICKASS

[Velkyna (Joe)] LEVEL ME BABY


[Arkady (James)] Remind me not to piss off any high-level clerics.


[Aedean (Sedlack)] Woo! Vel makes level!

[Don] 13? I knew Vel was ahead, but I thought she was only getting to 12!

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Congrats!

[Velkyna (Joe)] YES.

[Master] Wanna roll that hit die?

[Velkyna (Joe)] At level 13 I get a new rogue special ability.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Shottamip should be getting close, too, right?

[Velkyna (Joe)] OPP

[Velkyna (Joe)] OR

[Velkyna (Joe)] TUN

[Velkyna (Joe)] IST

[Velkyna (Joe)] yeah, let's roll that hd.

[Master] Chris -- yeah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (d6) [5] 5

[Velkyna (Joe)] BOOM.

[Don] Nice.

[Master] Rockin'.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Good stuff

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Yes, but I think I still have one session to go. I'll have to check the last couple of campaign logs and see how many XP I earned - I lost track.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'll make the charsheet mods later and ship them to you.

[Master] okey-dokey.

[Master] Well, I'm still a tad under the weather (though I had lots and lots of fun!), so I'm gonna wander off. Talk amongst yourselves.

[Aedean (Sedlack)] I'm going to drive the truck to my place while it's still light out...

[Aedean (Sedlack)] Later, all!

Sedlack has left the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Later Chris!

[Velkyna (Joe)] Aw, missed him.

[Don] Joe, what's Vel's con?

[Velkyna (Joe)] I just had to change the HP on the charsheet to see that sexxy ass triple digit hp.

[Don] I could've sworn she was just at 94.

[Velkyna (Joe)] She's got a 16, +2 from the amulet. So 18.

[Velkyna (Joe)] +4 to hits.

[Don] Wow.

[Velkyna (Joe)] 94 -> 103

[Don] No wonder she's a tank.

[Velkyna (Joe)] She's a hardy little minx.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I also get +7d6 sneak attack now.

[Velkyna (Joe)] So FLANK AWAY.

Angie has left the game.

[Shottamip (Tamora)] Bye all. See you next time.

[Arkady (James)] Take care.

Ryan has left the game.

Tamora has left the game.

[Velkyna (Joe)] I'm seriously considering dumping a bunch of skill points into Spot, but that's something I get to ponder later.

[Don] We've certainly been practicing it enough.

[Arkady (James)] It's not that bad right now.

[Velkyna (Joe)] It's either that or Sense Motive. I had to roll a ton of those the previous couple of sessions and I've got bupkus for SM.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Plus as Sedlack pointed out, SM gives the synergy bonus to Profession (Gambling).

[Velkyna (Joe)] Mmmmm ... Three card mont.

[Velkyna (Joe)] (monte)

[Velkyna (Joe)] FOLLOW THE QUEEN

[Arkady (James)] That's not really gambling.

[Velkyna (Joe)] True.

[Arkady (James)] Geez. It is already 7pm CST.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Yeah.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Probably should try to get some work done.

[Velkyna (Joe)] Later, all who are left!

[Arkady (James)] Take care.

Joe has left the game.

[Don] Well, we're it.

[Arkady (James)] So what's up with Jared?

[Don] Dunno.

[Don] I don't know if a reason was given for his absence.

[Arkady (James)] I think he's missed more sessions than he's played.

[Don] I think I'm gonna head out, though.

[Don] Recently, yeah.

[Arkady (James)] Have a good weekend.

James has left the game.