Charcoal socks

Charcoal socks

I bought the yarn for this at Wool Revival in Edmonton, AB. I came up with the pattern myself, though the general outline of things was inspired by the previous pair of socks (Diagonal Socks). The actual pattern was also thus inspired---that one had a k4, p2 rib, but at the edge of the pattern the purl section would be only one stitch wide, then disappear, and I noticed that when this happened the purl stitches pretty much disappeared except for a tiny pucker in the knit right where they ended. I decided to base a whole pattern on this interesting effect.

I think I'll try this pattern again sometime with a light, solid-coloured yarn; the darkness and the variegation of the yarn I chose both served to hide the pattern unless you really look for it (the pattern does still give the sock a tad bit more structure, though).

I cast on the first sock sometime in mid-June. I set it entirely aside to work on the slipper socks for my dad, then got back to it after I finished those; I grafted the toe on that one on 16 July during my apartment-hunting trip to Galesburg, and cast on the second one the same night.


Cast on 68 stitches in cable cast-on. Work about 1-1/2" of k2,p2 rib. Decrease 2 sts in next row; work primary pattern for 8". (I get about 5-1/2 pattern repeats.)

Primary pattern:

Rows 1-2: knit

Rows 3-8: *k1, p1, k4, rpt from *

Rows 9-10: knit

Rows 11-15: *k4, p1, k1, rpt from *