Don's knitting: felted slippers

Vern's felted purple slippers

Not two weeks after Christmas, I was talking to Lee and she mentioned that Vern had been wearing his socks so much around the house that he'd already worn a hole in them. Obviously, this was the excuse I'd been so diligently seeking to take up felting.

That weekend, I was driving in to Des Moines to see Les Mis with my family, so this was a great opportunity to check out a new yarn shop: Creative Corner in West Des Moines did not have the exact pattern I was seeking, but the clerk convinced me to get a book on felting instead, which was cool. So I have Felted Knits, by Beverly Galeskas, and I decided to make the Felted Moccasins pattern on page 71, in size 11 with a couple modifications.

The modifications were in use of colour. For the majority of the thing, I used the lavender and purple twisted together. But for binding off the top of the slipper (middle left of p 74) up through the cuff, I used two strands of purple, and for the outer sole I COed and did the first short row in two strands of purple, then a knit row and a short row in one-of-each, and then a knit row and the 3-needle bind-off in purple again.


Needles: a US-13 16" circular needle, with a spare smaller circular needle.

Yarn: The purple is Galway Highland #13, and the lavender is Galway Highland Heather #718. I bought 200g of each, and the purple was almost entirely used up at the end, but there's more than half of the second lavender ball left.

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